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Monday, August 13th – 11 am

Flathead Joint Board of Control

524 N. Main St.

St. Ignatius

A CALL TO ACTION – The beginning.

The Flathead Joint Board of Control, who pretends to represent the Irrigators growing all the AG products in the Flathead Valley and beyond, will hold their Monthly Board Meeting at 11am, Monday, August 13th.

If Water, for irrigation or consumption, is of any relevant importance to you, as an irrigator or consumer, you need to take the time to attend this meeting and let these pseudo-representatives know that you have strong and important concerns about their participation in the on-going, but soon to be railroaded and rubber stamped, Water Compact – including the Irrigators Stipulation Agreement that will pretty much put most of the farmers out of business in the near future.

You can and do have a voice and it’s time you exercised it; unless you are content with finding another hole to hide in somewhere else in the U.S.A.

Get to the meeting; let these people know you are no longer a silent majority and you will no longer be a member of their Mushroom Club: kept in the dark and buried in BS.  If you can’t make the time to stand up for your rights, as adults, residents and productive citizens – who do you figure is going to on your behalf?