On Monday, September 10, 2012, the Flathead Joint Board of Control will be holding its normally scheduled meeting, at 11:00 a.m.

Location:        524 North Main Street

St. Ignatius, MT

We are requesting that irrigators and concerned members of the public attend this meeting to show their support of the irrigator’s proposals for revisions to the Stipulation Agreement draft, currently being considered by the board.

The new Western Montana Water Users Association LLC, formed specifically to represent western Montana water users, and to aid in the defense of their water rights, is planning to present a prepared statement to the board at this meeting.

Irrigators have spent the past several weeks organizing and developing a counter proposal to what is now being called the Flathead Irrigation Project Water Use Agreement (formerly the Stipulation Agreement) between the CSKT, the federal government and the Flathead Joint Board of Control.  Petitions in support of revisions to the agreement were submitted to the board by irrigators during the public comment period ending August 2, 2012.  They have yet to hear any response back from the joint board concerning their questions, comments and requests for information.

The FIP Water Use Agreement is one of 3 documents that will be part of the final reserved water rights compact currently being negotiated by the state of Montana, the federal government, and the CSKT.  This document was crafted over a number of years behind closed doors, and was only recently submitted for public review and comments.

Many irrigators are concerned about the science behind water allocations and instream flow rights written into this agreement, as well as many other problematic issues represented throughout the document.  Their goal is to see these issues addressed before the document is finalized and becomes part of the reserved water rights compact.

Meeting Agenda: