Seems funny that three fourth’s of the way through 2012, the FJBC budget for Professional Services (Alpine Research, LLC) has blown right through the ceiling; been exceeded by 129% – and is still climbing.  I guess ‘word-smithing’, ‘spin doctoring’ and ‘magician slight of hand’ are more expensive than anticipated.  Or maybe there was no anticipation of an increased need to utilize these talents before the door to the negotiation dark room was blown off the hinges by concerned citizens, constituents, residents of Western Montana who are being thrown under the bus by committee’s who choose not to represent them in this ground breaking Reserved Water Rights Compact for the Flathead Indian Reservation.

It appears that ‘doublespeak’ and the ‘smoke and mirrors’ phenomenon costs more than projected for the budget; how inconvenient.  Of course the Irrigators, whose money (in the form of “fees” per acre) is being used to pay for these ‘services’, that will ultimately deprive them of the water they desperately need to grow the food and resources we desperately need to fuel the economy that Montana desperately needs, will be the victims of a scheme of theft unimaginable in this time and place where a handshake has always been a contract and a person’s word is good enough.

Why would they ever suspect a neighbor, and conveniently a budgeted contracting adviser to their board of joint control, would take advantage of them or lead them down the proverbial ‘primrose path’?

Either someone’s no good at budgeting or it’s a case of “take the money and run”.  Drawing a salary to lower your friends and neighbors expectations of earned entitlement while attempting to permanently alter the definition of “fair and equitable” could be construed as a Trojan Horse scenario.  Maybe the ‘gift’ should be rejected and kept outside in the yard while we study it a bit more.