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The current status of the Reserved Water Rights for the Flathead Reservation is about as distorted as an image in the Fun Zone mirrors at a County Fair.  Local media reporting, with tainted articles full of half-truths and non-truths, appears to have served only one purpose – “incite to riot”, and if left unchecked, might only result in an outcome that nobody in their right mind wants.

This has the potential of becoming “Governor Schweitzer’s Watergate”.  The state appointed commission has chosen not to negotiate, but rather to capitulate (to finish the last reservation compact in the state and throw a party), and have buried their lack of ethics with the most unconstitutional and unprofessional acts displayed in public forum witnessed in recent history (including a verbal challenge, from their staff lawyer, of “Bring It On” when his ethics, through conflict of interest was challenged recently) – Schweitzer fiddles and watches his and the Attorney Generals office appointees throw the citizens of Montana under the bus.  How does it feel to have your constitutional rights taken from you as the major element of a back room deal to settle the final Indian Reservation Water Compact in the state?

It’s time for a “Do-Over”; to reset this.  It’s time to begin anew, if “negotiation” is the task and if “fair and equitable settlement” the goal; with new folks who actually bring honesty, integrity and a big dose of ‘common sense’ to the table.  The current pretend politicians, scientists and lawyers have mucked it up beyond recognition.

How is that after ~10 years of “negotiating”, the Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission for the Flathead Reservation has only a skeleton document to present to the Montana State Legislature during the next legislative session in 2013…before the commission sunsets in June/July 2013?  Doesn’t this seem disturbing to anyone?

Assuming we’ve (the state of Montana) had a full commission of ~18 people on the payroll for roughly 10 years…..the financial costs for a skeleton compact agreement becomes unbelievable; well, more like unacceptable.

I’m amazed that no one, with oversight responsibility, has questioned this drain on the state coffers that has pretty much produced nothing of significance.  Guess we truly are the “Treasure State” with treasure to burn, donate or flush down the toilet for a skeleton document, full of air; hot or otherwise.  Somehow, I can’t get my mind around the fact that these people actually expect their offering to pass the proverbial “smile test” and that our State Legislature will accept and sign this “blank check” – to whom and for how much to be filled in later.

At what point do we act like adults and hold these folks accountable for their complete lack of credibility and product; they’ve produced nothing beyond a decade of employment for themselves and a travesty for us, the taxpaying residents of this state.