To:        Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

From:    Catherine Vandemoer, Ph.D. Water Resource Consultant

Subject: Review of Jay Weiner’s Response to Concerned Citizens of Western Montana’s Document, “Five Reasons Why the Proposed CSKT Compact Should Be Rejected”

 Date:    January 28, 2013

On January 7, 2013,  attorney Jay Weiner of the Montana Reserved Water Rights Commission posted a 12-page memorandum to the DNRC website attempting to refute  the assertions in a document prepared by the Concerned Citizens of Western Montana titled  “Five Reasons Why the Proposed CSKT Compact Should be Rejected” (“Five Reasons document”).

I have prepared a detailed discussion of this memorandum illustrating that Mr. Weiner’s response actually supports rather than refutes the issues of concern raised in and presented by the Five Reasons document.  This detailed document is available for use by Concerned Citizens of Western Montana in continuing to inform Montana Legislators, city and county officials, citizens, and other decision makers of the serious deficiencies in the proposed Compact at your convenience.

We are still awaiting responses to our twenty questions regarding the CSKT Compact submitted to the Montana Reserved Rights Compact Commission on December 17, 2012.