Here is a preview of the letter to the papers that should come out this week:

This is a very brief statement; it could have easily been several pages longer.

Though the Water Use Agreement really pertains only to the Irrigation Project, it is an integral part of, and inextricably linked to, the Compact as a whole which will affect every single person in Montana. This Compact is such a sweet deal for the CS&KT that if it passes, the other tribes (who already have compacts) are suspected to want to reopen and renegotiate theirs to get a better deal. In fact, the Kootenai tribe in IDAHO has requested to sign on to this one with the CS&KT.

This Compact has implications for every Montana citizen, because they will not only be giving up 50% ownership of the State-owned, FWP in-stream water rights (which belong to the citizens of Montana) in seven major rivers to the CS&KT, but tens of millions of their tax dollars will be used to fund provisions of the Compact.

Therefore it may be a good idea to send this to everyone in your contact list who lives in Montana, since there is an incredibly biased propaganda campaign being waged to push for passage of the Compact.

Two of the Joint Board commissioners who signed on to this letter have been on the Water Rights Subcommittee and are as familiar with the Water Use Agreement as anyone can be, and are strongly against it.

Additionally, if you have not already read it, please read this letter by Senator Verdell Jackson: