Western Montana Water Users Association, LLC Invites all Irrigators and other concerned parties in the Flathead Irrigation Project to a meeting with their attorney, Brian Shuck on  Saturday,  February 16, 2013 3:00 pm at the Ronan Middle School Auditorium Ronan, MT

Information will be presented that is vital for irrigators to have in order for them to make an informed decision about the proposed Water Rights Compact.  Here’s a link to their flyer: 


Please print it out and share with others, or forward the link to this page.  Mark this important meeting on your calendar.

Note:  The FJBC held a series of public meetings on February 4th and 5th, to “sell” irrigators on their FIP Agreement.  It was interesting that there really wasn’t much of a sales job, and the FJBC tended to defer much of the discussion / comments to Jay Weiner, Assistant Attorney General for the state of Montana and counsel for the Compact Commission.  This was a theme at all four meetings.  Remember, the state has been telling the public they are not a party to this agreement, however all of a sudden, Mr Weiner has become a spokesperson for it at the FJBC meetings.  We also couldn’t help but notice at the FJBC meeting in Ronan, Mr. Weiner was very cozy with irrigation project management and some of the joint board commissioners.  Interesting how that goes, considering how these same board members voted recently.