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Have you been the lucky recipient of a rash of postcards displaying the irrigation project in disrepair, threatening litigation, and espousing the value of the FIP agreement?  You know, that’s the agreement that forces the project to relinquish your project water right to the Tribe.

We have, and in all honesty, they’re annoying at best, misleading at worst.

Have you wondered who’s sending them?  If you thought the cards were coming from the FJBC as part of their sales pitch for the agreement, you’d be wrong.  At the Joint Board Meeting early this week, they denied all knowledge of these cards, almost seemed taken aback by them.  Mr. Kaulfield, their hydrologist consultant, also denied knowing about them.

So that got us thinking, if it’s not the joint board, and the department of interior does their threats more overtly in the form of threatening letters, who else might that leave?  Perhaps it is the only other party to the agreement who stands to gain the most by its ratification.

Here’s what we know:  During recent public meetings, Alan Mikkelson has been handing out unaddressed and un-postmarked copies of the postcards completely new out of the box.  So either he’s printing them, getting them directly from someone who is, or they’re falling from heaven into his vehicle.  He’s also been doing a one man compact proponent road show, sometimes a three or four man show depending on availability of FIP Agreement friendly joint board commissioners and the irrigation project manager.

Is he incurring all the cost of printing these cards and mailing them out, or is it possible he’s working for someone?

Before we go further, we want to say that both proponents and opponents of the compact have a right to freedom of speech.  That is not the issue.  However when things perhaps are not exactly what they appear to be, we think people should question them, and know the truth about what’s really going on.  Hence this post.

The cards are mailed out under the name of a group or website named vote4farmers.  This name tends to lead the public to believe that a grassroots group of compact supporters, supporters of farmers at that, are responsible.  So someone did a little checking, and while this might not be definitive proof of anything, we’ll let you decide:

Let’s follow the trail for this website www.vote4farmers.com (NOTE:  THE VOTE4FARMERS WEBSITE “EXPIRED” AFTER THIS ARTICLE WAS POSTED)

Check the following link and scroll down the page.  The registrant, administrative and technical contacts are Pyramid Communications, a Seattle PR Firm:  http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/results.jsp?domain=vote4farmers.com

Now click on this link for Pyramid Communication’s client list and scroll down the list. Notice no FJBC, State of Montana, or Department of Interior.  Do you recognize anyone elses name? :  http://www.pyramidcommunications.com/our-clients

Just in case you are in doubt, here is their native client list: http://www.pyramidcommunications.com/our-clients/147

Coincidence?  Grassroots?  Proponents of Farmers?  You decide.