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A member of concerned Citizens forwarded a 2003 FJBC Newsletter with the following article in it.  Kind of makes you wonder what changed in the last 9-10 years, and why they completely rolled over?


In November 2001 the CS&KT presented to the State a proposal for quantifying their water. They asked the State to grant that the Tribes own ALL the water on and around the reservation. They also want the right to administer the use of all the water (to be able to say who can use it).

This is in direct conflict with Montana Law, its Constitution and all federal law. The U. S. Supreme Court has clearly given the states the responsibility to determine how much water was reserved for Indians on the reservations within their borders. The Tribes have refused to drop their proposal and allow negotiations to continue. They claim the State just needs to recognize that the Tribes actually own all the water, then it can have a deal. If the State will do so the Tribes will allow needy applicants to obtain water use licenses that the Tribes can revoke whenever they want to. These are revocable permits. When the State couldn’t do that at the December 2002 session, the Tribes declared that they alone will quantify the water rights on the reservation. They said it may take them two years to do it.

The newsletter has all kinds of other great information in it.  We are told these newsletters stopped coming after the CME came on board.  Imagine that.  Here’s a link to the whole newsletter in PDF Format: