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About a month ago, the public discovered attorney Jay Weiner applied for position of chief water court judge for the state of Montana.  Basically ignoring public comments concerning Mr. Weiner, on March 15, 2013 the Judicial Nominiation Commission opted to submit both McElyea and Weiner’s names to the chief justice for consideration.

Weiner, assistant attorney general for the state of Montana played a prominent role in crafting the CSKT Reserved Water Rights document, just killed in the legislature.  He’s been a controversial figure in this debate, including what he calls his “day job” with Rosette law firm, considered by some members of the public to be a conflict of interest.  It would appear conflicts of interest and failure to disclose to the public are only problems in the eye of the beholder, and cries of foul by the public fell on the deaf ears of the compact commission.

In his application for water court judge, Weiner attempts to thwart compact opponents who might contact the judicial nomination commission to express concerns about his consideration for this position by stating:  “There are, however, some very organized and very vocal groups who are ditributing a lot of information that is misleading at best and sometimes downright false.  I have been actively engaged in efforts to rebut these false and misleading claims.  In this back and forth, these opposition groups have taken to attacking me personally, including questioning my professional integrity.  While I have thick skin and there is no validity to the allegations about me that these groups are making, I think it is best for the Judicial Nominating Commsiion to be aware of the situation since my application the position of Chief Water Court Judge may draw the attention of some of these groups, and they may comment on my application.”

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