The new membership of the Flathead Joint Board of Control is getting right to work.  They called a special meeting last Friday, and took the following actions:

First, the board approved removing Trent Coleman and Kerry Doney from the Cooperative Management Entity board and replacing them with Ross Middlemist from Dixon and Dave Long from Round Butte.

The board also passed two resolutions:


Be it resolved by the Flathead Joint Board of Control that:

Whereas a Transfer Agreement signed April 7, 2010 provides that the FJBC shall appoint four members to the eight-member Cooperative Management Entity, which was created pursuant to that Agreement and under its terms operates the Project;

Whereas the FJBC appointees serve at the pleasure of the FJBC;

Whereas the FJBC appointees represent both the FJBC and irrigators, to whom the FJBC owes a fiduciary duty;

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the FJBC that each of its appointees shall:

a.  take an oath of office identical to that administered to the Irrigation District Commissioners who serve on the FJBC;

b.  that each shall be an irrigator of fee land within one of the Irrigation Districts jurisdiction,

c.  that in accordance with the Transfer Agreement one appointee shall be appointed from the Jocko Valley and Mission Irrigation Districts and two from the Flathead Irrigation District;

d.  that, in addition to this geographic distribution of CME appointees required in the Transfer Agreement, of the two from the Flathead Irrigation district, one shall be from the Camas Division;

e.  that each FJBC appointee shall recognize that under state law it is the FJBC’s responsibility to make policy regarding the distribution and allocation of irrigation water and commit to consult in advance with the FJBC concerning CME agenda items, including attending all of its meetings it is feasible to attend, before casting a vote on the CME if at all possible;

f.  that each shall, in representing the FJBC and irrigators while participating in CME matters, keep in mind the principles of enhancing access to irrigation water and increasing effiiency of opartion of the Project so as to either lower or better use operation and maintenance assessments paid by irrigators.


Be it resolved by the Flathead Joint Board of Control that:

Whereas over the course of years in negotiations aimed at reaching a settlement of conflicting water rights claims to water delivered by the Flathead Project with the Flathead Tribes and the United States, the board has participated in good faith, as have all parties, in attempting to reach an agreement;

Whereas notwithstanding that a majority of the Board does not support all aspects of the current Proposed Water Use Agreement dated January 17, 2013;

Whereas notwithstanding that the Board recognizes that a negotiated resolution of these water rights issues is preferable and superior to a litigated solution if the terms of the agreement are, in themselves, sufficient to secure the rights of irrigators, including rights to water and property and participation;

Now therefore, the FJBC does resolve that it desires to negotiated such an agreement with the Tribes and the United States in due course and will lend its best, good faith efforts to do so in the coming months, but on the condition that no adverse action is taken legally or in the operation of the Project toward the rights and interests of irrigators to receive irrigation water from the project.


Mission District

  • Division #1 Jerry Johnson (Division Chairmain)
  • Division #2 M. Paul Wadsworth
  • Division #3 Jerry Laskody

Jocko District

  • Division #1 Kerry Doney (Division Chairman)
  • Division #2 Roger Christopher
  • Division #3 Boone Cole (FJBC Chairman)

Flathead District

  • Division #1 Trent Coleman
  • Division #2 Wayne Blevins (Division Chairman, FJBC Vice Chairman)
  • Division #3 Bryan Bohn
  • Division #4 Shane Orien
  • Division #5 James L. Baker (FJBC Sec/Treasurer)

Member at Large:

  • Ted Hein


Tribal Appointees:
Leonard Gray,  Ron Trahan,  Leroy Dumontier,  Lloyd Irvine

FJBC Appointees:
Ray Swenson, Ted Hein,  Dave Long, Ross Middlemist

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