Shortly before the Flathead Joint Board of Control commissioner election this past May, newspaper headlines touted “Irrigator Files Campaign Complaint against Flathead Water Compact Opponents“.  The timing and nature of the complaint, coupled with the interests of the complainant, Alan Mikkelsen, spoke volumes.  Many saw it as a desperate attempt to sway public opinion and to influence the outcome of the election.

At the time, much was made of the complaint that challenged an election which was well known to be a referendum on the Compact and Water Use Agreement.  Unfortunately for Mikkelsen and other fanatical proponents of the compact, anti-compact candidates prevailed by large majorities.

Since the election, Mr. Mikkelsen, along with others, continue to resort to various underhanded tactics in an attempt to break up the Joint Board of Control and smear compact opponents, irrigator or not.  Reference these articles for some context:

On June 26, 2013, the Commissioner of Political Practices dismissed the campaign complaints Mr. Mikkelson made.  A copy of the dismissal can be found at this link.

The conclusions  presented in the dismissal should receive “equal time” by the media.  We’ll see if that happens.  All things being equal, the public should be informed of the mud slinging and other behavior that is being used against the people that have a legitimate right to question and be concerned about the Flathead Water Compact and Water Use Agreement.

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