Message from the Flathead Joint Board of Control

Four of the twelve FJBC commissioners directed their attorneys yesterday to file suit against Lake County to stop it from conducting a Referendum to ask you, fee land irrigators, whether you support the FJBC’s actions in regards to negotiating a water rights agreement to secure your Ownership of property right in the water, to Verify that in fact the quantity of your irrigation water will not be diminished, and that you, and other water users on the Reservation, will have the right to Equal Participation in the administration of water rights here.  They do not want you to be able to vote on this issue.  Apparently, they fear your input, and would rather simply impose it on you!

Even though they sued only Lake County, this is aimed directly against your right to vote on this question, because it would stop you from voting on this question.

Additional information on this will be posted by email, website, and through our current Facebook page.

Click Here for Copies of the Documents:

Complaint Water Districts

Motion for Temporary Restraining Order