© 2014 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

The results are in, and the recall of commissioners Jerry Johnson and Paul Wadsworth was successful.  With about 68% of Mission District acreage voting, here are the results:

Commissioner For Recall Against Recall % Margin
Jerry Johnson 5,479 4,807 14.0%
Paul Wadsworth 5,676 4,584 23.8%

This recall should send a strong message to all four of the rogue commissioners in the Mission and Jocko districts that it is not okay to push forward an agenda to support the water compact and irrigator agreement as they are currently written.  We also hope the governor, the compact commission, and compact proponents understand that people are paying attention and are not happy with their efforts to ram this agreement down the throats of western Montanans.

The recall paves the way for new commissioners to begin the process of rebuilding the leadership and management of the irrigation project, and provides a great opportunity to mend fences and repair the path of destruction left in the wake of these commissioners.

Our sincerest thanks go out to the women who worked tirelessly to ensure this recall became a reality.  Their hard work proves just what people are capable of accomplishing if they set their mind to it.  They are heroes in our book, and deserve the respect and appreciation of everyone in our community.