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Representative Dan Salomon is running for his third term in office.  It is painful to use the term “representative” and Dan Salomon in the same sentence because for all intents and purposes, it appears that the only thing he has earnestly tried to represent since entering office is the CSKT water compact.

On far too many occasions we have observed Dan roll his eyes and contort his body into all kinds of odd positions when listening to the serious concerns his constituents have concerning the water compact.  His body language reeks with the contempt and lack of respect that he has for anyone who opposes his pet project, the water compact.  It would be appropriate to say that Dan Salomon in his ignorance, coupled with his public displays of arrogance, is a poster child for all the bad things the proposed water compact represents.

He supports the existing proposed even though:

  • It is a forever document and not one study has been done concerning economic, environmental or legal / constitutional issues
  • The compact commission has not told the public how much water is awarded to the tribe in this compact
  • It effectively gives the United States and the CSKT ownership and control of the waters of western Montana
  • The irrigator water use agreement requires irrigators to withdraw their claims to project water to the US / CSKT and has been declared by Montana’s 20th District Court to be an unconstitutional taking without compensation.

When Dan realized the compact was not going to pass in the legislature last year, he sponsored and introduced House Bill 636.  The bill was designed to ensure the passage of the same compact in the 2015 legislature.  At the appropriations committee hearing in early April 2013, it was excruciating to listen to Dan try to respond to specific questions about a bill he had sponsored but knew very little about.  It quickly became clear that he was merely a middle man and that the bill was initiated by the compact commission powers and perhaps even the DNRC.  It was embarrassing to watch Dan stumble, knowing that this man was elected to be a representative of the people.

Don’t take our word for it.  Here is a 4 1/2 minute video of excerpts from that hearing.

Does Dan Salomon provide the kind of representation we want or need in western Montana?  Your vote can make a difference.   Let’s not vote for a man whose only constituents seem to be the governor, the compact commission and the CSKT water compact. Instead vote for someone who intends to adhere to their oath to the constitution and who will protect and defend your property rights.