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Last week we reported that Senator Verdell Jackson filed a motion to intervene in the Kerr Dam licensing to Northwestern Energy.

Since then, other parties have weighed in on the issue, including Lake County who also filed a motion to intervene and a request to again reopen the comment period on this issue.  Their motion makes the following statement:

Dear Secretary Bose:

The Board of Lake County Commissioners, Polson, Montana, respectfully request that Federal Energy Regulatory Commission grant our request for Intervener Status in the matters of the issuance of a FERC license and the approval of sale of the property and equipment to Northwestern Corporation for the Kerr Dam project located in Lake County. The Lake County Board of Commissioners remain a neutral party in the license issuance and sale of equipment and property, but have legitimate concerns related to the loss of tax revenue in our county.

Presently, Kerr Dam is the largest, single taxpayer in Lake County. The loss of tax revenue will approach nearly one million dollars each year. This loss of revenue will be result in higher taxes for remaining taxpayers in the county, and possible reduction of services now provided.

The Board of Commissioners also request an extension of the public comment period related to the sale of property and equipment by Northwestern Corporation to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. This pending sale is unique in that it is the first of its kind in the United States, and we believe there was not appropriate notice of the public comment period relayed to all affected parties in Lake County.

We appreciate your consideration of this request.

Bill Barron, Ann Brower, Gale Decker

Others weighing in on this issue with comments include:

Flathead Business and Industry Association
Bayside Marina
Flathead County