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As many of you are aware, Concerned Citizens has put forth significant effort to work through legislative avenues to ensure that a reasonable water compact for the CSKT is secured.  While we would like to think that legislators will ultimately do the right thing, we know that based upon recent activities of legislators such as  Bruce Tutvedt and Dan Salomon, that we can take nothing for granted.  That means very aggressive plans need to be made to offensively deal with whatever may come up, whether it be from the Federal Government, the CSKT, or the state of Montana.

For that purpose, Concerned Citizens recently formed the MONTANA LAND AND WATER ALLIANCE, an organization created specifically to deal with this compact, but also with other attacks on property rights issues that Montanans are faced with.  In other words, we recognize that the attack on our land and water is not going away anytime soon, and we need to be positioned to deal with it swiftly, and aggressively.  And it is time go go on the offense.

Through dedicated research and months of preparation, we have been working with attorneys who are renowned for their expertise on federal reserved water rights, and who are prepared to address the compact aggressively using the legal process.  They are up to speed and are ready to get to work.

Fundraising for the MONTANA LAND AND WATER ALLIANCE is officially underway.  We ask you to share this link and information with your friends and neighbors, and that you donate to our effort to stop this compact madness.  We can and will make a difference, and reset the state of Montana to a more reasonable path when it comes to protecting the rights of its citizens and protecting its valuable natural resources.

Thank you in advance for your donation, and for helping us get the word out.  This would not have been possible without the support of our many friends throughout the state of Montana and the rest of the country.

You may also mail your contribution to:

Montana Land and Water Alliance
P.O. Box 1061
Polson, MT.  59860


Thank you for your support of this effort.