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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

We can’t help but observe that the 1,200 page proposed CSKT Compact was designed that way for a reason–to obscure the many egregious elements of the proposed water settlement.  Obviously, no one has time to read it, especially legislators. Remember the Compact bill introduced in the 2013 session was 134 pages after they reduced the font size.

Concerned Citizens, as well as many other organizations and individuals, have spent thousands of man hours studying the compact, attending legislative meetings and other workshops, and plenty of hours and road miles informing Montanan’s about the dangers of this Compact.  This blog was set up to similarly alert people to the dangers of the Compact,  and if you study the materials here you indeed will realize the illegality of what is being foisted on proposed for Montanans by a handful of bureaucrats.  It is telling that none of the compact proponents can or have come up with a decent, understandable argument in support of the compact.  All they have is ridicule, insults, threats, and pie-in-the-sky unsubstantiated “arguments”.

So let’s boil it down to three easy concepts to understand:

  1.  The CSKT Compact is unconstitutional.
  2.  The CSKT Compact takes water away from thousands of irrigators and family farms.
  3.  The CSKT Compact still has not provided an estimate of how much water the CSKT are using now, and how much they need.

Each one of these items will be detailed in upcoming posts.

Concerned Citizens is well aware of the “cosmetic” “amendments” (read “tweaks”) that are soon to be advanced, and is equally aware that they will indeed be cosmetic.  We are not going to be fooled by the foolishness that is the pretend “limited re-opening” of the negotiations.  Its pretty clear that nothing will change but words.

And that is why we formed the Montana Land and Water Alliance, and have retained attorneys who collectively have more than 100 years experience in federal reserved rights, water law, and challenging federal overreach.  And much of the experience involves successful cases before the United States Supreme Court.

Remember, over 350,000 people will be affected by this Compact.  Please consider donating to our campaign here, or by mail to

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