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©2014 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free  ~John 8:32

The entire focus of the work of Concerned Citizens of Western Montana has been to learn the truth about the CSKT Compact and to educate our fellow citizens, decision-makers, and legislators about the dangers of this proposed Compact. Some of the best professional minds, researchers, and citizens have spent hours on this compact and many miles on the road doing the work of citizen to citizen education.

Compact proponents and their minions have used every slur in the book to try to hide the facts of the Compact–and their own motives– from their own fellow citizens, decision-makers and the legislature.  They have been aided and abetted by many, including the highest levels of government…people who should know better. They are asking you to believe what they tell you.

When John uttered those words in John 8:32, he didn’t say “ye shall believe the truth”, he said “ye shall know it”.  You can believe anything you want, even lies.  Or, you can know what is being said, and make up your own mind.

Some enduring truths about this compact, and the consequences of not knowing the truth, are as follows:

Truth:  The Compact will force a title transfer of water rights belonging to non-Tribal individuals to the CSKT….aka, a “taking” under the 5th Amendment of the Constitution.

Consequence:  Non-Indians will be given a “life estate interest” in their water rights which they cannot pass on to their children when they die.  When they pass, the water rights will revert to the owner–the CSKT.

Truth:  the Compact will give the administration, management, and ownership of water on the Flathead Reservation, whether state, tribal, or federally based, to the CSKT.

Consequence:  The State of Montana will eviscerate Article IX of the Montana Constitution and place its citizens under the jurisdiction of the CSKT  and the federal government.

Truth:  The Compact will give off-reservation water belonging to Montana to the CSKT in the form of  instream flows.

Consequence:  Montana will give up its jurisdiction over water to the federal government, inviting all the “ABC” agencies into western Montana.  “Waters of the United States” rule, anyone?  A second consequence is that Montana will change the entire purpose and meaning of the Treaty of Hellgate–something that a state is not allowed to do.

Know the truth of this compact.  It will indeed set you free to oppose it, with good reason and a very clear conscience!