In less than a week the Montana 2015 Legislature will convene.  We would like to take the opportunity refresh people on some of the basics.  All of this information can be found on the STATE LEGISLATURE WEBSITE.


A copy of the session calendar can be found here.


2015 Senate Leadership

President – Debby Barrett (R)
President Pro Tempore – Frederick (Eric) Moore (R)
Majority Leader – Matthew Rosendale (R)
Majority Whips – Ed Buttrey, Cary Smith (R)
Minority Leader – Jon Sesso (D)
Minority Whips – Robyn Driscoll (D), Tom Facey (D)

Committee on Committees: John Brenden (R), Dee Brown (R), Kristin Hansen (R), Rick Ripley (R), Janna Taylor (R), Chas Vincent (R)

2015 House Leadership

Speaker – Austin Knudsen (R)
Speaker Pro Tempore – Lee Randall (R)
Majority Leader – Keith Regier (R)
Majority Whips–Jerry Bennett (R), Alan Doane (R), Greg Hertz (R), Sarah Laszloffy (R)
Minority Leader – Chuck Hunter (D)
Minority Caucus Chair – Carolyn Pease-Lopez (D)
Minority Whips – Bryce Bennett (D), Margie MacDonald (D), Jenny Eck (D)


To Find a Legislator:  Click Here for a Roster of Legislators or if the new districting has you confused, you can find legislators using a map format


To track bills, you can go to the following link:$.startup?P_SESS=20151

You can track bills through a variety of means.  Just scroll down the page for the method you prefer, by legislator, by key words, or by bill number if you know that information.  Another option is to look at all bills, introduced, unintroduced or both.

You can also create a preference list. This feature allows you to monitor any number of bills that are of particular interest to you by creating a free, password-protected online account. You can sign up for notification by e-mail of public hearings scheduled for the bills on your preference lists.



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Click HERE to look for committee and hearing information.