On January 15th, Sanders County Commissioners sent a letter of opposition to the revised CSKT Water Compact stating:

Governor Bullock and Mr. Fox:

The eastern portion of Sanders County lies within the Flathead Reservation, and we share a portion of the Jocko and Flathead irrigation districts.

Although the Flathead Joint Board of Control (FJBC) dissolved in 2013, as of 2014 they have since reorganized.  FJBC brought forward issues that have not been fully addressed and therefore we feel the negotiations are incomplete.  As referenced in the attached FJBC resolution, there are many areas of concern.

The proposed CSKT Reserved Water Rights Compact is so complex, that we are apprehensive about it being administered without all the issues being fully resolved.

We appreciate the opportunity to comment and hope that you consider the unresolved matters.

A copy of their letter can be found here.