©  2015 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

The video below was captured at one of the Compact Commission Public Information meetings held in Ronan on January 9, 2015.

Watch two attorneys for the state of Montana rationalize their ” reasoning” for giving the CSKT / United States legal title to 100% of the water in the Flathead Irrigation project, when in fact 90% of project lands served by the project are privately owned, and do not belong to the CSKT.

How is it even possible that giving the tribe all of the water rights in the project to the CSKT in exchange for less water can be twisted into the concept of PROTECTION?


So what is the legal underpinning for the state’s decision to give the project water and water rights to the CSKT?  Surprise.  There is none.  But not to worry, you can do anything in a negotiation.

This simple exchange shows just how far the Compact Commission has come.  There was a time when the major components now included in the compact were considered to be  “non-starters” for the state, but no longer.

While we will likely never know the How’s,  Why’s or When’s of the state’s complete and utter capitulation, capitulate they did. 

What remains after that?  Talking points, rationalizations, and threats.