Note: Below please find letters sent to the Governor and Attorney General concerning their support of the CSKT water compact. Our thanks to Gloria Roark for giving us permission to post them on the blog.

February 5, 2015

Governor Steve Bullock
P.O. Box 20081
Helena, Mt. 59620-0801

Dear Governor Bullock,

I am writing this letter to express my complete disappointment in the partiality that you are showing,, and the “pandering” to the Tribes with your approval of the CSKT Water Compact.  Your support is a clear violation of Article II, Section 4 of the Mt. Constitution, and the 14th Amendment of the U. S. Constitution, “regarding equal protection under the laws.”   You are refusing to recognize the pre-1973 Water Rights, and are ignoring all the hardships and sacrifices that the early settlers endured when Mt. Territory was settled in “good faith.”  This is an unconstitutional “taking of property rights.”  Now their descendents are being disenfranchised.    Further, there has been created an aura of racism, which is very disheartening.

People who are subject to 100% taxation have no representation by their government, which is totally unfair.  And, you are allowing this to happen.  We cannot live under different rules and laws, all people need to be treated equally.  We cannot have a NATION WITHIN A NATION.

You were elected to govern all the residents of Montana, not just a select group. Further, you took an oath of office to the U. S. and Mt. Constitutions to uphold and defend all the rights of every Montanan. Therefore, I am urging you to publicly announce that you are no longer supporting the CSKT Water Compact.

Remember actions have consequences and you may be very disappointed in the next election, unless enough of the people decide a RECALL is in order before you finish your term in office.

February 5, 2015

Atty. General Tim Fox
215 North Sanders, 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 201401
Helena, Mt. 59620-140l

Dear Atty. General Fox,

I am writing this letter to let you know how disappointed I am in your decision to support the CSKT Water Compact.  By selecting a specific group of people to whom you are showing favoritism speaks volumes.  You are clearly violating Article II, Section 4 of the Mt. Constitution, and the 14th Amendment of the U. S. Constitution.  You are participating in an unconstitutional taking of property rights, and denying citizens their due process under the law to have their water rights verified in a Court of Law.

People who are subject to 100% Taxation have no Representation since you are showing preference to the Tribes, in other words, “pandering” to them.  The familiar vignettes of TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION are reminders of the past which failed miserably then and are being repeated once more.   ALL RESIDENTS IN MONTANA NEED TO BE TREATED EQUALLY – THERE CANNOT BE A NATION WITHIN A NATION.  An atmosphere of racism has been created, as well, which will not benefit anyone.

I am the Chairwoman of the Missoula Patriots Tea Party, and our group worked very hard to get you elected.  You took an oath of office to protect and defend the rights of all the people of Montana, not just the Tribes.  You are clearly violating your oath of office to the U. S. and Montana Constitutions, and betraying all the people.

I am urging you to withdraw your support of the CSKT Water Compact, and to announce this publicly.

Your actions will be remembered in the next election unless enough people  decide it is necessary for you to be RECALLED right now.