Note:  We are putting out the call out to get as many people to Helena as possible for the water compact hearing on 02/16/15 at 8:00 a.m. Room 303 in the Capitol Building.  In addition to that hearing, Senator Jennifer Fielder is asking people to attend the public lands rally that will take place the same day.  See information that she forwarded below.

CALLING ALL MONTANANS! Going to the CSKT Water Compact hearing the morning of Feb 16? Please stick around to help with a “Keep Public Lands Public” rally planned from 11am – 1pm. If you can’t attend please spread the word and encourage others to do so too.

HERE’S THE SCOOP: If you or any of your friends can attend, please check in with the American Lands Council (the real advocates of better public land management) at the 3rd floor fan window on Mon Feb 16 between 11am and 11:30am to pick up the materials and instructions you need to make a positive impact with legislators AND during a curious noon hour event being staged in the Capitol rotunda that day by Montana Wildlife Federation, Audubon, Wilderness Association, and Back Country Hunters and Anglers with special guest speaker Governor Bullock.

What’s curious about these groups and their event, and why is it important we attend? The very same groups that are hosting the “Keep Public Lands Public” rally just testified, on the record, AGAINST SB 215– an act prohibiting the state of Montana from selling any public lands that may be transferred from the federal government to the State in the future (attached). That’s right – they openly OPPOSED the bill which would keep public lands public! And so did the Governor’s director of state lands!!!

Why? For these anti-access groups it’s never been about keeping public lands public at all. It’s about deceptively preying on unsuspecting sportsmen and other Montanans to further their agenda of locking us out while claiming to advocate for public access. The truth about pseudo “sportsmen” and “wildlife” groups like these can be found at Check it out, spread the word, and come lend a hand Feb 16 to help promote GENUINE efforts to improve public land management through local control for better public access, better environmental health, and better economic productivity!

And finally, please contact Montana legislators at and ask the Senate Natural Resources Committee to support SB 215 to truly keep public lands open to the public after the federal government transfers land to the State.

Hope to see you in Helena at 11am Monday Feb 16!