©2015 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

The Senate just adjourned for the day after passing the CSKT Water Compact Bill 2nd Reading with a vote of 31-19. Although three amendments to the compact were recommended, all were voted down.  Make no mistake:  the amendments would have protected Montanans financial investment in this ill fated compact and made the Tribes comply with state law when they charge Montanans for the water they’ve stolen from them.

Vincent disingenuously claimed that the amendments would bind two parties, the Unites States and the CSKT, and came out swinging against any amendments before they were even suggested.  Why wouldn’t the federal government, the state government, and the CSKT want to have transparency with taxpayer funds?  that is just plain ridiculous and speaks to the failure of the Compact Commission to fairly represent or protect Montana.  We paid their salaries.

This was of course expected, but Vincent did not get his ‘runaway vote’, and the bill has a black eye for failing in Senate Finance.  The major fight has always been in the House where Senator Vincent will have a tough time keeping up the mirage of mistruth and misinformation he adopted from the Compact Commission.

Be sure to thank the following Senators for speaking out against this very bad water compact on the floor:

Jennifer Fielder, Janna Taylor, John Brenden, Bob Keenan, Dee Brown, Jedediah Hinkle, and Senate President  Debby Barrett.  The best comment of the session made was by Senator Debby Barrett when she stated her belief that if this compact is passed, it will be Montana’s first transgression against the citizens of Montana who are living in the areas impacted by this compact, Indian and non-Indian.

Vote tally as follows:

SB 262 Do Pass

YEAS                 NAYS              EXCUSED           ABSENT
31 19 0 0
Y  Ankney, Duane Y  Facey, Tom Y  Malek, Sue Y  Swandal, Nels
N  Arntzen, Elsie N  Fielder, Jennifer Y  McNally, Mary N  Taylor, Janna
Y  Barrett, Dick Y  Hamlett, Bradley Y  Moe, Mary Sheehy Y  Thomas, Fred
N  Barrett, Debby N  Hansen, Kris N  Moore, Frederick (Eric) Y  Tutvedt, Bruce
N  Blasdel, Mark N  Hinkle, Jedediah Y  Phillips, Mike N  Vance, Gordon
N  Brenden, John Y  Hoven, Brian Y  Pomnichowski, JP Y  Vincent, Chas
Y  Brown, Taylor N  Howard, David N  Ripley, Rick N  Vuckovich, Gene
N  Brown, Dee Y  Jones, Llew N  Rosendale, Matthew N  Webb, Roger
Y  Buttrey, Edward Y  Kary, Douglas (Doug) N  Sales, Scott Y  Whitford, Lea
Y  Caferro, Mary Y  Kaufmann, Christine Y  Sands, Diane Y  Windy Boy, Jonathan
Y  Cohenour, Jill Y  Keane, Jim Y  Sesso, Jon Y  Wolken, Cynthia
Y  Connell, Pat N  Keenan, Bob N  Smith, Cary
Y  Driscoll, Robyn Y  Larsen, Cliff Y  Stewart-Peregoy, Sharon