Note:  Since this post was originally submitted, the legislature website revised the vote tally to show that Senator Vuckovich voted no on the third reading of the water compact bill.  Our sincerest thanks to him, he did have the courage to stand up to the pressure.

The water compact bill SB262 passed its third reading in the senate today on a vote of 32-18.  The only change from last night’s vote on the 2nd reading was Democrat Senator Vuckovich changed his no vote to a yes.  Too bad, we were hoping that one democrat senator would have the courage to stand up to the pressure.  No such luck, good little soldiers that they are.

As we have stated before, time to take a deep breath and remember that the true battle will be in the House.

Here is the tally of today’s vote.  Again, please be sure to thank those senators who voted against the compact.:

Do Pass

YEAS                 NAYS              EXCUSED           ABSENT
32 18 0 0
Y  Ankney, Duane Y  Facey, Tom Y  Malek, Sue Y  Swandal, Nels
N  Arntzen, Elsie N  Fielder, Jennifer Y  McNally, Mary N  Taylor, Janna
Y  Barrett, Dick Y  Hamlett, Bradley Y  Moe, Mary Sheehy Y  Thomas, Fred
N  Barrett, Debby N  Hansen, Kris N  Moore, Frederick (Eric) Y  Tutvedt, Bruce
N  Blasdel, Mark N  Hinkle, Jedediah Y  Phillips, Mike N  Vance, Gordon
N  Brenden, John Y  Hoven, Brian Y  Pomnichowski, JP Y  Vincent, Chas
Y  Brown, Taylor N  Howard, David N  Ripley, Rick Y  Vuckovich, Gene
N  Brown, Dee Y  Jones, Llew N  Rosendale, Matthew N  Webb, Roger
Y  Buttrey, Edward Y  Kary, Douglas (Doug) N  Sales, Scott Y  Whitford, Lea
Y  Caferro, Mary Y  Kaufmann, Christine Y  Sands, Diane Y  Windy Boy, Jonathan
Y  Cohenour, Jill Y  Keane, Jim Y  Sesso, Jon Y  Wolken, Cynthia
Y  Connell, Pat N  Keenan, Bob N  Smith, Cary
Y  Driscoll, Robyn Y  Larsen, Cliff Y  Stewart-Peregoy, Sharon