Opponents of the compact are used to the state doubling down on an essentially unchanged water compact.  At the hearing yesterday, several senators showed leadership by speaking out against the compact and the strong wave of momentum given by the tribe’s threat of 10,000 lawsuits across the state.  We are disgusted that the state continues to use this threat as a hammer to divide Montanans against one another.

Here is the first of a series of video excerpts from the hearing yesterday that demonstrate what it means to take your oath of office and duty to Montanans where ever they live seriously.

Senator Debby Barrett’s comments can be found on the video link below.

In addition to the video, please check out Senator Barrett’s excellent oped letter opposing the compact that was sent out to newspapers around the state.  Unfortunately we have heard that many of the large newspapers around the state did not print her letter.  Imagine that.

CSKT Water Compact Throws Thousands of Montanans Under the Bus