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At the hearing for Representative Bob Brown’s HB427 to set aside funds to defend state based water rights from the aggressive claims of the CSKT, Mr. Carter, attorney for the tribe and Mrs. Lund took up 40% of the hearing time.

As usual, Mrs. Lund was nearly incoherent and all over the place.  It brought great pleasure to see her misstate the facts and have to be called out for it, especially since she started out her testimony saying people are entitled to their own opinion but not their own set of facts.

Case in point:  When questioned about tribal access through private lands should off-reservation claims be granted in the compact, she stated that the courts have not allowed that.  John Carter had to correct her statement.  Mr. Metropoulos attorney from Helena has also expounded upon some very serious concerns related to this “right of access” issue.

In her testimony close, Mrs. Lund made another very interesting statement, that the award of water in the CSKT compact is far less than amounts awarded elsewhere in the country:

So when called out on the facts of her statement, (OOPS!) Mrs. Lund had to tap dance correct herself and say that is her “belief” based upon her client’s experience and threats of the federal government invoking the Endangered Species Act.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Lund, the “actual facts” tell a much different story than the narrative that compact proponents clearly want the public to believe concerning the “pervasive” claims that the CSKT have throughout Montana, particularly “off the reservation” and even within their “subsistence range”.

We have already reported how much water the CSKT are awarded compared to other tribes in Montana, but would you be surprised to know that the CSKT compact is just as out of whack when compared to other awards of water to tribes throughout the country?

Stay tuned for more information…….

Oh and why we are at it, perhaps that legislator should have asked Mrs. Lund exactly how much water is awarded to the CSKT in the water compact?

She seems to act as though she is privy to information that the state refuses to share with anyone else.