Mr. Chairman, members of the committee these are not my words they are the words of National Security Adviser Susan Rice concerning the thinking when negotiating a deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

What has that to do with the CSKT water compact you may ask? More than you might think. Iran’s nuclear program can be used to force nations opposed to Iran into untenable situations where Iran wins, everyone else loses.

SB 262 with its band of sponsors, the Federal government, the Governor of the state of Montana, Bullock, the State Attorney General of Montana, Fox, the CSKT water compact commission along with most in the Democrat party and some in the Republican party are seeking to do the same thing, force citizens opposed to the compact into an untenable situation, the propaganda line is, “Water rights were given to the CSKT in the 1855 Hellgate Treaty” while at the same time saying the compact is Constitutional and citizens, you have absolutely nothing to fear.

Nothing to fear? The supporters have been ‘shouting’ the nothing to fear refrain from the mountain tops. Why, if there is nothing to fear, is this bill a forever document, no changes, its cast in stone once passed? Why, if there is nothing to fear in SB 262 are there words within the bill which say that the state of Montana and the CSKT are indemnified from lawsuit? Hard to understand the necessity of this wording since the compact is so straight forward and such a ‘wonderfully’ worded absolutely nothing to fear set of rules and regulations governing the lives of hundreds of thousands of Montana citizens. Never mind the rewrite of history fitting the agenda of the compact supporters.

Why, if there is nothing to fear in this bill, are there two methods protecting the perpetrators of this unjust document while at the same time, we the citizens lose rights that were written into our Constitutions for our protection? Does any of this make sense?

When you carefully read SB 262 you discover far more is in play which has nothing to do with fish. The web of deception weaved by the supporters of the compact is almost breathtaking, their skill at distorting facts rise to new levels and would make a Funnel Web Spider envious, don’t worry citizen, we’re taking care of you, your covered, you can keep your well, there is nothing to fear in this compact trust us. Those unsuspecting creatures choosing to enter the Funnel Web Spiders cleverly spun entrance do not fare so well in their trust, they end up being eaten because of it.

There is a huge problem in this building, a problem that is waiting to be let loose, that problem is disguised as SB 262, a bill that seeks to remove citizens from under the protections of the Constitutions of the United States and Montana placing us under the control of a Socialist oriented foreign government. SB 262 treats people as second class especially where the citizens are non tribal. We discover that our rights and opportunities are treated as less important than those of ‘fish,’ less important than those of other people in the same society. Non Indian citizens have no voice. We cannot vote in tribal elections we cannot hold tribal office. Need I remind you, the CSKT Reservation is an ‘OPEN’ reservation, we the non tribal citizens acquired fee patent land on the reservation at the “INVITATION” of the Federal Government, no one gave us this land, we paid hard earned money for it.

Vote no, on SB 262, the most devious, racist, document I have ever had the misfortune to read.  Kill, SB 262 for it will surly destroy us over time if you do not do your duty. Protect ‘ALL’ of the citizens of Montana. There is no wiggle room here, everyone understands that the point of no return has been reached. Vote NO, on SB 262. A, BAD DEAL IS TRULY WORSE THAN NO DEAL! Thank You for your time.

Robert Starks,

Saint Ignatius, MT.

Veteran, United States Marine Corps

Veteran, United States Army, Military Police Corps Veteran, Law Enforcement Officer Currently self employed business executive and a Flood irrigator living in Lake County, Montana.