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no_bull_sia_business_licensingIgnoring the lawsuit filed by FJBC Individuals against the 64th legislature, Steve Bullock defiantly signed SB262 this afternoon.  This is no surprise because it demonstrates exactly where the state has been with respect to public opposition of the CSKT compact for the last three years.  They don’t care…about the Constitution, about the rule of law, or about the fact that they have taken the property of Montanans.

It is yet one more instance showing that the concerns of the public related to this water compact  have fallen on the deaf ears of highly placed and elected officials for the state of Montana.

There has been no ruling concerning the lawsuit at this time however the Attorney General has requested a venue change from the 20th district court to Helena.  Of course.

This action by the governor has no effect at all on the lawsuit, which will proceed forward.

A copy of the lawsuit can be found here

AG Response to Lawsuit

AG Request for Venue Change