The Flathead Joint Board of Control Commissioner election results are in.  With this election, the makeup of the board shifted to include one more opponent of the compact, Dean Brockway who replaced Kerry Doney.

Please be sure to continue to support the joint board commissioners and their efforts to:

1) Restore control of the project operations and management to local irrigators
2) Get involved concerning the pending tribal takeover of Kerr Dam
3) Address the very aggressive tribal lawsuit from February of 2014, and
4) Continue to fight the egregious water compact using whatever means necessary to defeat it

These men are committed to protecting the water and property rights of irrigators whose lands are served by the Flathead Irrigation Project.

Vote Counts are as follows:

Mission District

5,358  Tim Orr *
4,061  Tom Pavlock

Jocko District

2,534  Dean Brockway **
1,244  Clark Matt

Flathead District

31,709  Dick Erb ***
23,526  Wade Shepard

*    Tim Orr, compact opponent, was officially elected to fill the position he was appointed to fill in 2014, after the recall of Jerry Johnson and Paul Wadsworth.
**  Dean Brockway – compact opponent replaced Kerry Doney compact proponent
*** Dick Erb compact proponent replaced Trent Coleman Compact proponent