Note: What follows is a comment we received to the post Sleeping with One Eye Open.  The commenter is a tribal member who asked that it be posted under the pen name of gignesthai.(the root of the word Genesis). 

While i would love to agree with you i am going to have to rain on your parade here.

Bullock wanted the federal lawsuit dropped . He does not want that action to cloud his issue. So trying to claim any victory over this action is hollow. So let me be as frank as possible with out truly offending you all. IF YOU LIVE IN MONTANA,then you live in the wild wild west. You know??? Where evil corrupt Governor`s makes shady deals behind the scene. Where Corrupt AG`s have alliances that sway back and forth depending on whom has the most money to throw at an issue.(never watched an old western??) As you were on this forum asking for contributions i really don’t think any of us posting on here have the kind of war chest that is going to make the difference to the people that call the shots. The suit was dismissed because our good ole gov wants to fast track this through congress. Period. You need to see that he is looking to boot-strap himself into the national venue over his “historic” “Groundbreaking” “blah” “blah”. That`s how you grow and expand your political career. On the disappointments of the hard working taxpayers like your self.

David Copperfield (the magician)is an amateur scribbling in crayon compared to the slight of hand our Ag and Gov are capable of. And an elephant has paper think skin compared to both of those men. Shaming these two or “trying ‘ them in the court of public opinion is not going to get it done. So ..still not getting it?? The tribe is their vehicle ..for misdirection. So i will point out to you, that you,, your self fell for it. Yes. you did. If you are going to sit there and tell me that a tiny little Native American tribe can truly dictate to hundreds of thousands of tax paying Montana citizens over what is becoming the most precious resource…no . It is the people that you elected to POWER that are behind this. For their gain not yours.

Take heart . Look down the game tree(chess term). The real players are consolidating the tribes interests. Why???They are helping the tribes acquire land at an alarming rate.Why??They are in a roundabout way setting the stage for a government(not privately)operated electric utility …….After they terminate the tribe.

The behavior of some of the tribes top officials over the last 30 months have tipped the hand. Someone in the tribe has actually been given a tentative date for said action . This is evident in the way Tribal Council members are stealing money out of Eagle Bank accounts.In Polson Montana.And buying private property. I know that sounds too crazy to be true … but it is. You will get back Lake County in the very near future.

I want to ask you all something right now. If you were a non native big time lawyer ..Trying your best to make your bones,And you were involved with the water Compact and yet were fully aware of the terrible effects that your very actions were having on innocent non natives like your self .If you also were privy to the theft that i mentioned above and make no mistake that is FELONY theft . And looked the other way … then you would be complicit as well. AND if you were all the while being paid a huge yearly salary….what would that do too you????? Would you start hitting the Bottle??Would you become unbalanced and even do something as stupid as showing up to work shit faced??? Would you have to be forcefully removed from the office because of your behavior??Would you then ,,when not called out for your unprofessional behavior by the corrupt tribal council members escalate your behavior and take to sexually harassing the female staff in the tribes legal department??? WOULD YOU GET YOURSELF FIRED???? I invite you to look at the fate of the tribes managing attorney [name removed]. Clearly his conscious got the better of him. And for a lawyer to allow his conscious to dictate is doom.

This information slipped out of tribes legal dept after the news of [name removed] contract being terminated.

John carter is a fool. The lawyer not the fiction hero. The minute he became the official legal mouth piece , [name removed] stopped making statements in the paper.

Those were the first cracks in Mount Olympus. And they appeared before the vote on the compact was taken. The tribe is in full blown sweep dirt under the rug mode today. Hoping desperately to hang on until the millions in Eagle Bank have been re appropriated.

I say let them blow their ill gotten gains on private property and keno machines. Then take it all back. Don’t be one of those that says”yeah.. well they do bring lots of money into the area” They bring nothing to the area. They steal from you . Then they steal from each other.

Now is the time to turn the pressure up on the tribe. But maintain the core values that YOU brought to the area when you homesteaded here. The day we have a tribal leader stand up and thank you because he does not have to sleep in a Tipi with one eye open. NOW that is the day hell freezes over.

sorry for the War and Peace sized post.