© 2015 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

Montanans may not realize it, but they are fighting the battle of their lives.  Each battle is a little different, as is the means of attack.  The Environmental Protection Agency, the Endangered Species Act, free roaming bison, and the battle for our water are just a few examples.

What these battles all have in common is a diminishment of individual freedom,  property rights, and the resulting loss in wealth and financial security that comes through limitations of property use.  These battles are often fought individually with the entity waging the attack, forcing people to pay costly legal fees, and to spend tremendous amounts of time to protect themselves.  Because people are focused on their small battle, most do not have the time to lift up their heads and look around to realize that many others are doing the same.

More often than not, it is our own federal government, created to protect our property rights, that is advancing an agenda that can only be considered greedy at best, evil at worst.  “Life, liberty, and property” are inalienable rights given by our Creator.   Following the lead of an out of control federal government, local governments also get caught up in an endless parade of seeking ways to hamstring and control people through ordinances, laws and other restrictions of our freedom.  It is also these governments, created by the people, for the people, that are counting on the fact that citizens will find it too expensive or time consuming to stand up against this unbridled control over the resources of their citizens.

The astounding beauty of this area is a testament to all of God’s creation, and I am thankful to awaken to it each and every day.  Unfortunately there are some days one can’t help but wonder if the greed of a few can dull or mask the beauty that we are surrounded with.  Perhaps the grass is greener elsewhere and it is only Montana that must deal with such shameless and blatant theft at the expense of hundreds of thousands of people.

It does not take long however, to realize that there is no greener place to go.  The battle for our property rights, our freedom is being fought throughout our country, and the simple truth is that there is no escape from it.

How we choose to deal with these battles will be a testament to generations of people who did the backbreaking work of settling these lands with the hope of achieving the American dream, and providing for their families.  We can choose to stay quiet, capitulate to those whose actions amount to little more than theft, or we can resolve ourselves to taking a stand against what is happening, and not giving up during the most difficult of times.

Take a deep breath and remember that it is God that brought us to this place, for a reason.  This is our battle, no one else’s.  It is for Him that we choose to stand up for what is right.  And it is not only done to preserve our own freedom and property rights, but also our neighbors’ rights and the rights of future generations of Montanans.

Let us celebrate and support all who take up the challenge to fight those who strive to place others under their control.  To do anything else is to play into the hands of our enemies.

We are proud of how we’ve fought the battle and will continue to fight it.  After all, it is God’s grass that is the greenest, and it is also God’s water.