A flurry of activity took place today with respect to FERC’s decision to transfer the Kerr Dam License to the CSKT / Energy Keepers.  Today was the last day to file protests to the transfer, and as intervenors, the Montana Public Service Commission, Senator Bob Keenan and Verdell Jackson, and the Montana Land and Water Alliance all made requests for a rehearing based upon FERC’s failure to complete their due diligence concerning the transfer of the license.

We will keep you abreast as to FERC’s response.  Stay tuned.

A copy of each of today’s filings can be found below:

Public Service Commission Request for Rehearing 10/01/15
Senator Bob Keenan and Verdell Jackson Request for Rehearing 10/01/15
Montana Land and Water Alliance Request for Rehearing 09/30/15
Lake County Intervention Request 10/29/2015

Here’s a Missoulian Article on the PSC filing.

We find it interesting that the tribe thought the PSC filing was “out of the blue”.  Did they really think people had given up on making sure the right thing was done with respect to this transfer?  Apparently so.