For those who are interested, please find information about the upcoming Water Policy Interim Committee meeting in Helena, scheduled for next week.

Topics on the agenda include an update on the “implementation” of the CSKT water compact and other issues (Monday), and an update on the process of adjudicating the water rights of Turtle Mountain Band allotments (Tuesday).  Included in the discussion of Turtle Mountain Band rights is Jay Weiner from the AG’s office.  Imagine that. 

Members of the committee are:

Senators: Bradley Hamlett, Jennifer Fielder, Sharon Stewart_Peregoy, Chas Vincent
Representatives: Carl Glimm, Bob Brown, Zach Brown and Kathleen Williams

For the agenda and other documents, see below.

Water Policy Interim Committee

January 11-12, 2016


The Legislative Environmental Policy Office’s updated “A Guide to Montana Water Quality Regulation” is now available here.