©2016 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

Since the roll-out of the CSKT Compact to the public in 2012, the state, Tribe, federal government, and assorted compact proponents have spent a ton of money, used every trick in the book, and tried to snowball the public with the “legality of”, “scientific basis for”, “treaty-based”, “bull-trout saving”, “cultural basis for” and “hard work and decisions” of the compact.  Tons of taxpayer money spent on “negotiating” a document that robs the people of Montana blind and fatally compromises the state’s constitutionally-derived responsibilities.

But despite the heavy career-ending support and of the Compact by its sponsor, key legislators, the Compact Commission, Governor, and Attorney general, a  multi-million dollar PR campaign that included the creation of fake support groups, the fact is that the CSKT Compact remains stalled to a standstill.

That fact is due to all of the citizens hard work since 2012, and without that hard work we would undoubtedly have the Compact right now. That hard work includes all the discussions, research, thousands (not hundreds) of hours on the compact, and showing up at hearings, meetings, on the radio, and in the newspapers rallying Montanans to the call.  The Compact is stalled.

Oh, but of course,  that won’t stop the compact proponents, as the CSKT are making a heavy play with Congress and the agencies to get the Compact ratified in this session of Congress.  Fortunately, the legislators had the information they needed to respond immediately,  and the lawyers provided the detailed follow-up  by the MLWA.

So how do you win a fight?  Be prepared, stand your ground, stay the course, no drama, and deliver the knock out punch at the right time.  Can we visualize it any better than the video below?