©2016 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

Have you ever noticed that the CSKT Compact proponents will stop at nothing to destroy communities, institutions, farming and ranching just to get the Compact?  Just to get their way?  As in “one trick pony”.  These people actually claim that we are not Americans and that we don’t have a right to live here, despite all the factual history that confirms those rights!

This is an important observation because, if you have to destroy liberty in order to “save the Compact”, then it is fairly clear that the Compact is not and never was a “solution” to anything in western Montana.  It was always about control, about “power over”, and never had anything to do with “culture”,  providing a sound economic future and water for Tribal members, stability for the agricultural economy, or the economic health of surrounding communities.

In the last year, let’s examine what we have experienced:

  • A multi-million dollar campaign, complete with “front groups” like F.A.R.M. to threaten and hoax Montana into believing that the CSKT Compact would “protect” irrigators when it just does the opposite;
  • A campaign of insults waged by paid compact proponents, the Compact Commission, the Montana executive, and so-called “legislators” to accuse anyone who opposed the compact of racism, intolerance, stupidity and being “anti-environment”
  • A well-known and loud mouthed compact proponent working in collusion with the state of Montana and county officials to disenfranchise voters to force a turn-over in the Flathead Joint Board of Control–the powerful entity that is standing in the way of sheer ruin by the Compact
  • A former member of the  Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), who sits on the Flathead Joint Board of Control (FJBC), accusing the FJBC of a “coup”, when this individual’s participation in the CFR overthrew how many foreign countries?
  • False “property rights attorneys” doing everything in their power to take property rights, all the while asserting that there was no taking because no one had any property rights to begin with
  • Legislators who took the Nancy Pelosi tune of passing legislation that ruins Montana without even reading it, only to find out from their own constituents–who they did not listen to–that it actually does ruin Montana

Simply stated, when your focus is to destroy people, communities, common sense, and the rule of law, you are on the wrong side of history and humanity.  There is a special place for those tares who were planted among the wheat in the dead of night.  And its not a pretty ending for them.

Remember Thomas Jefferson’s words: resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!