©2016 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

What we have witnessed in the last several years of the CSKT Compact deliberations is just one part of what we would call the new “radical federalism” that has emerged during the Obama administration. In this context, we have witnessed our state essentially give away Montana’s water resources and its constitutional duties to protect, administer and use the resources for the benefit of Montana citizens to the federal government, under the guise of the CSKT water settlement.

Radical federalism actually violates the rights of all citizens, states, and Tribes included.  Only the small “leadership” of these entities benefits, and only for a short period of time.  It’s only thirty pieces of silver and a federal position.  The Endangered Species Act,  the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the WOTUS (Waters of the United States) rule go hand-in-hand with the attempt to control Montana’s lands and resources through an expanded Indian water settlement.

Consider as well all the other federal efforts underway that may at some point even subsume the CSKT Compact:

  • Columbia River Treaty discussions
  • Columbia River Power System Operations
  • Yukon to Yellowstone area
  • Designation of national bison range area in eastern MT
  • Desigation of wilderness areas, national monuments
  • ESA listings for sage grouse and other species

While all of these actions raise questions about the extent to which federalization of natural resources is the goal of both federal and state agencies, the most immediate and direct threat is the CSKT Compact.

Action by state officials, commissions, and legislators who knowingly violated Montana’s constitution through the development, promotion, and unconstitutional passage of the CSKT Compact in 2015 essentially acted  to deprive Montana citizens of their constitutionally-protected rights.  These include due process, equal protection, property rights, and other constitutionally protected rights such as trial by jury and the right to a republican form of government.

Apparently, this is “state government” under the remnant of Obama: Steve Bullock and Tim Fox.

Maybe its time to “drain the swamp” in Montana?