While many of us have longed for a much needed course correction in our state and country, we must never forget that the citizens of this great country are responsible to ensure that our pathway stays rooted in the constitution and the principles upon which our Republic was founded.

May God bless us all with the wisdom, strength and courage necessary for the tremendous amount of work that lies ahead. May our efforts, and those of President Trump first and foremost follow a good and righteous path.

We wonder if Montana’s “leadership” is paying attention. Especially Governor Bullock, Attorney General Tim Fox, the Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission, the Lake County Commissioners, the Montana Judicial System and state legislators who through their sheer ignorance and corruption have worked overtime to try to force an unconstitutional and illegal water compact upon the citizens of Montana.

It won’t take long for Montana to catch up to the rest of the country. We absolutely look forward to the draining of our disgusting, putrid MONTANA SWAMP!