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The months-long occupation protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) was supposedly about protecting water, Indian sacred sites, and culture…or so they told us.  Despite the Standing Rock Tribal Council’s approval of the project, thousands turned out to “protect” the water.

The result?

They left taxpayers with a $1 million dollar price tab for cleaning up the mess.

Reminds me of the yelling about the CSKT Compact—how it is about protecting culture, water, and sacred sites.  Gee, and how you were a “racist” if you didn’t support it.

the fact is the CSKT Compact has nothing to do with water rights, Indians, culture, fish, or the environment.  It is all about money for a small group of tribal elite and state officials who covet more power, political positions, and power over others. It seeks revenge for spite.

  • Why would the state abandon its citizens?
  • Why would your neighbors want to give away your water rights?
  • Why would compact proponents insist on being hostile, accusatory, and emotional about the Compact?
  • Why would the United States want to destroy its own federal irrigation project, and why would Jon Tester go further in enabling the complete destruction of the agricultural economy in the Mission Valley by the Tribes?
  • Why would the state, knowing it has absolutely no authority in a federal irrigation project, continue to hoodwink the FJBC that “it will be around forever” and that in order to find out what’s going on, they have to be at the table?  As we indicated in an earlier post, read Appendix 3.5 to find out exactly how the state intends to destroy the Flathead Irrigation Project in favor of some “fishery” that doesn’t exist.

This compact has nothing to do with fish.

The blind supporters of the CSKT Compact—we know who they are–simply chose to believe a big fat lie. And after the hostility of our local representatives, it is even more apparent that they lack the intellectual capacity and moral foundation to understand theft when it bites them in the tail.

And why do people believe the BIG LIE, but have trouble with the small ones?

It is how evil works.