©2017 Montana Land and Water Alliance

The failure of the Montana Supreme Court to address the simple constitutional issue presented to it will stand as another stain on a state that refuses to acknowledge the property rights and concerns of its citizens.  Remember, the President of the Montana Senate in 2015 called the compact the “first assault of Montana on all its citizens“.  We agree.

Although it has seemed “quiet” during the course of two years of legal deliberations–which by the way is a strategy to dissipate and stop all compact opposition momentum–there has been truly a lot going on.  We will unveil these efforts as time goes on and as we take the next steps in defeating the compact.

Below is a video we produced in 2016 which has been making the rounds in Congress and with various legal entities that are interested in assisting citizens defeat it.  Please grab your favorite beverage, or consider watching this 38 minute film in two parts.

This Compact will not stand in Congress if we do our homework and prevent the theft from occurring.