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But, CSKT has been unwilling to accept this compromise, they want the DMR’s (Density Map Regulations) to remain regulatory for one class of citizens and voluntary compliance for a different class of citizens. I have tried to understand,unsuccessfully, why CSKT would be so opposed to moving the DMR’s from regulatory to advisory for those citizens under Lake County’s jurisdiction. For a nation that has fought against discrimination and unequal treatment under the law for decades, how can they support regulations that are inherently discriminatory against other people living here who are under the County’s jurisdiction?       ~Commissioner Decker, March 13, 2018

This afternoon our Lake County Montana Commissioners voted unanimously in support of a Resolution of Intention to repeal the Lake County Density Map and Regulations.  While they could have taken the path of least resistance, they chose instead to do the right thing, and we congratulate and thank them for striving to right the ship that is our local governance, before it capsizes.

Today’s action is a strong step in the right direction, and is one of several other recent actions that commissioners have been taking to make the public aware of important CSKT-related issues that have a serious negative impact on the county’s ability to govern and provide services to local residents. These hard but necessary  discussions include Public Law 280, the loss of Kerr Dam tax revenue, and the negative impact that tribal fee to trust land transactions have had on the tax revenue base.

In a packed room at the county courthouse in Polson, Commissioner Gale Decker read a statement that summed up his reasons for supporting a repeal of these regulations, instead making them advisory.  His moving and empowering comments in their entirety can be found at this link:

Gale Decker Comments 03/13/2018

We have no doubt that today’s actions by the commissioners were not taken lightly, nor were they easy.

We know this because we recently attended a commissioner meeting in Pablo where the CSKT tribal council did all that they could to coerce convince the commissioners to comply with the tribe’s insistence to retain the Density Map and Regulations.    In fact it was more than insistence, it was bullying, plain and simple.

The Pablo meeting was a stark reminder to those of us involved in the water compact battle who will never forget Rhonda Swaney’s response in a legislative committee hearing when asked about the tribe’s mistreatment of tribal members and non-members who dared to oppose the water compact: “that’s the way we do business on the reservation.”

Kudos to all three commissioners on the actions taken today.  May this be the beginning of an awakening for the citizens of Lake County.

The meeting was recorded and we will post excerpts of it as soon as they are available.

Commissioner Gale Decker 03/13/2018 Comments Concerning his reasons for supporting the Growth Density Map and Regulations:

Comments of opposition from CSKT Tribal Planner and Member of Lake County Planning Board Janet Camel:

Comments concerning repeal from CSKT Attorney Jordan Thompson: