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It’s hard to believe it has been nearly four years since we said goodbye to our dear friend and fellow water warrior Lloyd Ingraham.  There is no doubt by those of us who knew him, that his legacy will be his efforts to increase awareness of the aggressive agenda of tribal corporations, and to thwart and rectify the impacts of a failed federal Indian policy on the people of western Montana.

A wonderful blustery old attorney with a twinkle in his eye, Lloyd was not one for political correctness.  He said exactly what he thought, including telling then candidate for Lake County Sheriff Don Bell in very colorful language, why he could not vote for anyone who held dear to the vestiges of membership in a tribal corporation.

Lloyd knew that if he were to be elected, Mr. Bell would be responsible to uphold laws that as a tribal member he is not held accountable to.  How can someone who chooses by their blood quantum to belong to an entity that constantly strives to be exempt from the laws and constitution of the state of Montana, swear an oath to uphold and protect them?

Lloyd also was involved in several actions to defeat the CSKT water compact, a so-called “settlement” that he knew would bring uncertainty, division and further erode local governance and the rule of law in our community.

His memorial service was a great tribute to a man of courage and honor.  He will always stand tall to those of us who worked with him and loved him because of his character and selfless desire to solve the cancerous problems that both Montana and the federal government have allowed to fester for more than 100 years.

Sadly this is where it seems to end, at least for those who approved allowing the campaign signs of these two particular individuals (Russ Fagg and Don Bell) to be displayed in front of Lloyd’s old law office in Ronan.

Shame on them.  It this isn’t the epitome of disrespect to a great man,  we’re not sure what is.

Try as they might, they will never be able to rewrite history, nor will they erase the legacy of a great and selfless man.

Rest in peace dear Lloyd with the knowledge that the battle you fought is still being waged, and each day more and more people are awakened to the knowledge that something is horribly wrong in our country, our state, and in our community.

Is it something in the water?