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April 2019 is merely an “escape clause”–any party can withdraw from the Compact with a 30-day written notice.  That’s it.

Always searching for ways to scam Montanans, proponents of the CSKT Compact are now running around with “the sky is falling” moment–claiming that the CSKT Compact will be null and void in 2019.  Their purpose is to get unsuspecting, willing, or ignorant Montanans to sign another petition or letter supporting the CSKT Compact.

But what does the Compact actually say?  Article VII.A.4 of the Compact states the following:

The state [as well as the U.S. and Tribes] may exercise its right to withdraw under [this article] VII. A.4 by sending to the Chair of the Tribal Council and to the Secretary a letter delivered by certified mail from the Governor of the State expressing the state’s intent to withdraw and specifying a reason for withdrawal and a withdrawal date not sooner than one hundred and twenty days from the date of the letter.  On the date designated in the letter for State withdrawal, the Compact shall become null and void without further action by any Party.

The conditions for withdrawal include everything from lack of Congressional ratification to failure of Congress to fund the deal.  With our country  $21 TRILLION in debt, where is the CSKT “free money” coming from?

Why would FARM and compact proponents perpetuate another lie?  Again, if this compact is so good, why is fear and loathing being used to promote it?

As long as we have Steve Bullock and Attorney General (or governor) Fox in office, Montana will never withdraw from this compact.

But maybe the United States will withdraw because of its demonstrably unlawful off-reservation water claims?  Ultimately both the Tribes and the United States will lose these claims both in Congress and the Courts.  And that is where Montana’s embarrassment will come…

Those would be some interesting letters to Congress, the Attorney General, and the President–asking the United States to withdraw from the CSKT Compact!