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As it turns out, everything that Senator Daines put in his “Fake News” press release IS Fake News itself:

  • The Tribes gave up 97% of their off-reservation claims–no, they didn’t.  They kept them all, including the 10,000 claims, but will “convey” co-ownership of their water to the State of Montana. (Source:  Tribal Council Minutes January 2020)
  • The Daines bill protects Montana water rights–no, it doesn’t.  It protects only the federal government’s claim to water over 2/3 of the state of Montana, using an Indian Water Settlement as cover
  • Transfer of the Bison Range to the CSKT will not create west-wide precedent for the transfer of other national treasures to tribes–wrong, it will. The Senator’s plan includes a statement that “the transfer will not create any precedent”…are you kidding me? Of course it will, and a simple statement is just that, simple.
  • The Flathead Irrigation Project is an Indian irrigation project–incorrect again; the Flathead Irrigation and Power Project (FIPP) was authorized in 1908 to serve everyone regardless of land status. In 1920, the land ownership in the FIPP was 80% non-Indian (settler) and 20% Indian. Present ownership is not that different–90% non-Indian and 10% Indian. Currently the BIA is mismanaging the project revenues, which are earmarked for irrigation purposes, and is committing waste fraud and abuse with federal and private dollars.  Senator Daines is ignoring these, thereby supporting waste, fraud and abuse in a federal irrigation project.
  • $1.9 billion dollars in “damages” is owed to the CSKT by the United States. Incorrect again, and the Senator foolishly includes a BIA/Tribal ” damage report” which he has not read nor does he understand.

Note:  If these are indeed ‘damages’ of the United States, then the proper formula for delivering those damages is 80% distributed per capita to tribal members, and 20% goes to the Tribal government.  The Daines plan has it all going to the Tribal Council with no oversight, but “tribal members can apply for the funds”.  R. I. G. H. T.

  • The Daines bill is an agreement between the United States and the Tribes, with Montana having no say.  Sorry, king Senator Daines, you don’t have the authority to negotiate away Montana’s water rights just with the Tribes.  And, you have no authority to do anything without Montana’s review because you include SB 262 as part of your bill.

There is no doubt that the Daines-Tester CSKT Compact is a disaster for Montana.  The mode of convincing people–endless propaganda, mistruths, outright lies—and the rush to pass this horrible bill is all the information you need to know it cannot be supported.

At this point there is realistically no difference between Steve Daines and Jon Tester–both of them are captured by and afraid  of the Tribes, needy for their money, and do not want to be called ‘racist’ for standing up for all Montana citizens.  For these things, both Senators are willing to give up on their constituents for their own craven political purposes including the lust for power. Who this potentially could hurt is President Trump and his republican majority in the Senate.  Does Daines want to risk that?

Let’s add Tim Fox and Greg Gianforte to this list of the “uniparty”.  They have all demonstrated they just don’t care about Montana citizens, and they are willing to shade the truth to accomplish their very narrow goals for themselves.

Keep writing to the White House  http://www.whitehouse.gov, let the President know that Senator Daines is using him for cover to support the theft of water in Montana.

The next clear action you can do is not to vote for any of these politicians in the primary on June 2.  Let’s see how many votes the democrats receive during their primary for Senate vs. Senator Daines. Interesting times ahead!

Let’s remember as well that the Senator was given a plan to work with, called the People’s Compact.  He tossed it out the window, just like his constituents.

Steve Daines will be an easy pick-off if Steve Bullock enters the Senate race.  It will not be a loss for Montana–at least we know where Bullock is coming from.  When the Senator stabbed his constituents in the back with a smile on his face, he lost all credibility.  Daines has lost his mantle and authority to govern and to represent the Great State of Montana.

Time to take our government back!