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As the reality that our “gentlemen from Montana” are working overtime to fulfill the repatriation goals of tribe’s mission statement becomes clearer, we can’t help but wonder: What exactly is the price of representation in 2020?

Here is a VERY SMALL snapshot of Senator Daines $6.6 million war chest:

Steve Daines for Montana
Tribal Contributions 03/07/2020
Source:  FollowtheMoney.org
Contributor ST YTD Aggre-gate
Tribe, Pechanga Band Of Lui CA $5,400
Indians, Puyallup Tribe Of WA $3,000
Of Grand Ronde, Confederated Tribes OR $1,100
Of Grand Ronde, Confederated Tribes OR $1,100
Mdewakanton Sioux Community, Shakopee MN $6,700
Indians, Puyallup Tribe Of WA $3,000
Indians, Morongo Band Of Mission CA $1,000
Tr, Black Hawk Financial SD $1,000
Indians, Puyallup Tribe Of WA $2,000
Chickasaw Nation, Tribe OK $1,000
Mdewakanton Sioux Community, Shakopee MN $6,700
Tribe, Cow Creek Bank Of Um OR $1,500
Mdewakanton Sioux Community, Shakopee MN $2,500
Chickasaw Nation, Tribe OK $2,800
Of Mission Indians, Santa Ynez Band CA $2,000
Tribe, Shingle Springs Bank CA $2,000
Tribe, Pechanga Band Of Lui CA $5,400
Tribe, Mashantucket Pequot CT $2,800
Indians, Match-E-Be-Nash-She- Band Of Pottawatomi MI $2,800
Creek Indians, Poarch Band Of AL $2,800
Operations, Tribal MI $2,800
Tribe, Oneida Nation NY $5,600
Tribe, Yocha Dehe Wintun Na CA $2,800
Tribe, Oneida Nation NY $5,600
Tribe, Gva Holdings MT $5,600
Tr, Arrowhead Advance Wl SD $2,800
Tribe, Gva Holdings MT $5,600
Nation, Tribes Of The Flathead MT $1,000
Nation Tribe, Chicksaw OK $2,500
Total $97600

Would a mere $1,000 like the CSKT supposedly gave Daines this past year be enough to move him to represent the people of Lake County, or is there something more than money alone that must happen to become part of their good old boys club?

Exactly what is the going price for Senator Daines ear? How many lobbyists must a citizen hire before their voice can be heard?

What is the price tag for something more than an uninformed, arrogant form letter in response to a phone call or letter to the Senator?

What would it cost for Daines to sponsor legislation, say a Protection of Homesteader Property Rights Act, or an All Citizens are Equal Act?

What would it take to get the Senator to actually read SB262, and then consider the People’s Compact, a fair and equitable settlement for the benefit of everyone?

What would Daines charge for legislation to reform federal Indian Policy for the 21st Century, instead of advancing his phony and destructive Montana Water Rights “Protection” Act?

Just wondering.

In the political world, it seems that a different equation applies for mere taxpaying citizens of the state, and it can only be measured by taking an honest look at THE COST OF HAVING NO REPRESENTATION.

After all, there has been no demonstrable representation of western Montanans by the Montana compact commission during so called negotiations, the legislature during the ratification process (Dan Salomon or Greg Hertz anyone?), or even our democrat governor who knows exactly how to make mincemeat out of our RINO “republican” legislature.

The state apparatus has been turned into little more than an arm of the federal government and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.  One only needs to pay attention to all of the U.S. Government license plates traveling the roads throughout western Montana to see that the feds have taken over our home.

And to add insult to injury, our U.S. representatives are even more despicable than the state representatives and senators who gave us this monstrosity.

So what exactly is the cost of no representation of western Montana?

  • S.3019 and SB 262
  • The transfer of our public lands to a tribal corporation
  • The destruction of agriculture and the diminishment of property values throughout western Montana
  • Federal and Tribal control over future development and the local economy through our water
  • Federal / Tribal ownership of our water, and jurisdiction over it with no legal ramifications for damages for harm caused by their decisions
  • Ongoing and increased taxation for non-Indians that is used to support a tribal corporation that is exempt from taxation
  • State, federal and tribal immunity from any takings or diminishment of the property rights of taxpaying Montana citizens
  • State and Federal abandonment of the constitutional rights and protections of 30,000 – 120,000 state citizens, including tribal members
  • Ethnic Corporate cleansing in the form of removing non –Indian CSKT Inc. members from their homes in western Montana

And that’s just one piece of legislation.  Anyone want to say “UNCLE”?

Sadly the tribal donations noted above are very likely just the tip of the iceberg. No one really believes  these are the REAL numbers.  We instinctively know the system is designed to lack transparency with the multitude of special interest PAC’s and “tribal” exemptions from the so called rules, making it impossible to  know exactly how much the gentlemen from Montana have benefited from these tribes and others.

Setting aside the money laundering schemes that benefit the politicians and their cronies, the equation is actually quite simple:

Senators Daines and Tester, and Representative Greg Gianforte might need our vote, but they sure don’t need our money.

They are more than happy to support legislation that will cause great harm to, and potentially destroy some constituents at the request of their “congressionally deemed” political elite who just happen to have the largest number of attorneys, lobbyists and “legislators” on staff.

Missoula Independent May 2012

“Pat Pierre, the elder, says that during the past 150 years, the tribes have gradually acquired new weapons for self-defense; today, for example, they have a cadre of attorneys and hydrologists negotiating on their behalf. They’ll use them to ensure that coming generations of Salish, Kootenai and Pend d’ Oreille can draw sustenance from the waterways as they always have, he says. “We use your weapons of war to fight back now.”

Has Senator Daines become just another one of the tribe’s 21st century weapons of war?