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How does one small tribe in western Montana wield so much power and fear over so many people?  How is it that they continue to advance a compact that will destroy agriculture in the era of President Trump?

For the past several years our main focus has been on the Flathead Water Compact, but Senator Daines’ recent support of it brings so much more than water into focus.  The CSKT Compact is just one aspect of the incestuous relationship that exists between federally “recognized” Indian tribes and our government.  It speaks to massive corruption through all of the federal money and companion legislation that feeds and empowers  the beast.

Have you considered the possibility that the Ukraine foreign aid scandal could be just one of many similar money laundering schemes used by the U.S. political class and deep staters to maintain power and control over others?

The Ukraine scandal speaks to how the U.S. elites control and influence foreign governments around the world.  Vast amounts of “foreign aid” money are sent out for laundering, only to return back to the United States to benefit politicians, their families and friends, deep staters and political hacks like George Soros.

It’s no wonder nothing ever changes in D.C.

That makes us wonder what the feds could do to replicate that same “success” throughout 50 individual states and U.S. Territories?   What if a similar laundering scheme is going on right under our state of Montana noses?

Just like the United States and CSKT’s claims to vast amounts of water throughout Montana have literally gone unscrutinized, no one has really followed the money and the big business connections that have coalesced or developed around the CSKT or any of the other federally recognized tribes.  Any research done on this subject has been piecemeal, but no one has cohesively put the pieces of the puzzle together.

A few years back we began to scrutinize the money that feeds Montana tribes and a lot of painstaking work went into developing this booklet:


Our poor little CSKT tribal government has at least 15 sub-corporations that SUCK a combined average of $250 million out of the federal treasury each year.  These figures are just a small piece of the puzzle and don’t even begin to encompass the entirety of the tribe’s monetary connections and wealth.  But it does raise some good questions.

Realistically speaking, how is it that this tribe has the wherewithal to manage massive aerospace contracts when they have shown their difficulty and some would argue have had significant failures while managing Kerr Dam and the Natonal Bison Range?

Is it possible that the aerospace money merely flows through the tribes in order to give some kind of preferential treatment to, or to hide the identity of the entity that ultimately handles the contract? Or perhaps this approach helps circumvent certain laws when tribes are inserted into the mix.  If that’s the case, who are those entities, what laws are compromised, and what kind of cut does the tribe receive for this kind of pass through money?  Why is there a tribal “middle man” at all?

The “Media”  is too biased and lazy to ask questions about the tribe’s business dealings or their untold wealth that never seems to benefit individual tribal members.  There is no need to do any investigative reporting when government talking points and propaganda passing for “news” is a far easier way to butter media bread.

For years we’ve heard that the CSKT have massive amounts of money held in offshore accounts. We know they have businesses located in many states and in other countries, but does anyone have evidence of the existence of such bank accounts?  Is this  simply a rumor or is there any truth to it? But if not that, what does the tribe do with all of its money besides wreaking havoc on the water and property rights of “non-members,” and destabilizing state and local governments?  It sure isn’t flowing down to their membership.

In his desire to enrich CSKT Inc. further, Daines’ S3019 proposes to give them $1.9 billion in addition to our priceless National Bison Range, land swaps, and the lion’s share if not all of the water in western Montana.  To give the Daines”settlement” some context, the entirety of the BIA budget for 2019 was $2.5 billion, and included payroll for 6,873 employees.  (Source: the Interior Budget in Brief page 7 of 13).

The Daines settlement funds, when coupled with with value of multi-millions of acre feet of water, land swaps and ownership of the National Bison range is many times the greater than BIA annual expenditures.  And this is just one out of 573 recognized tribes.

S3014, sponsored by Daines in 2016 but never ratified, is one more example of how government largesse is heaped upon tribes through bad legislation.  We’d like to say it was ill conceived, but in hindsight believe it is the deep state’s way of ensuring that federal lands never go back to the states, by putting tribal claws in them. This isn’t anything new.  Language written into Tester’s S.3013 and the tribe’s 10,000 claims were also designed to serve the same purpose.

Are Daines and Tester ignorant, or complicit?  Perhaps their proposed transfer of the Bison Range to the CSKT helps answers that question for us.

Bonneville Power land purchases are yet one more way to transfer wealth from the people to the Tribes, while at the same time undermining the local property tax base and governance.  It also gives the US / CSKT ownership of the lands along our waterways, both on and off the reservation, entrenching federal and (just wait) tribal jurisdiction over them.

Mercury LLC, associated with former representative Denny Rehberg and other unsavory Montanans, has a business connection with the Tribe to promote the Flathead Compact.  It is also a known lobbyist for Ukraine and is implicated in court documents in the Russia / Ukraine scandal.  Is that coincidence, or are there monetary or other connections here that should be investigated?

There should be no compact with the tribes until a forensic audit of the Flathead Irrigation Project is completed.  A strong case can be made that massive amounts of net power revenue from Mission Valley Power have illegally been used by the BIA / tribe over the past 35 years for non-Irrigation purposes.  If true, this is the reason why the project is in serious disrepair, and explains the greatly increased per acre annual cost to irrigators for their water.

Irrigators deserve to know what has been happening with irrigation project money, and what roles the BIA / CSKT have played in the depletion of project monies and resources.  BEFORE SENATOR DAINES GIVES THE CSKT 100% OWNERSHIP OF THE IRRIGATOR’S WATER IN HIS COMPACT.

Federal tribal “self-determination” amendment legislation also provides huge opportunities to expand tribal reach and influence into government agencies, and is used to undermine the rule of law, rewrite history, and reeks of corporate and political cronyism.  We need to understand the erosion of equal protection under the law that has been diminished under the guise of tribal self-determination scams and 638 contracts.

Let us be clear:  There is nothing self-determined about free government money that is used to destroy anything in its path.


We thank Senator Daines for helping us expand our focus, and we would like to put the call out to people get out the DISINFECTANT and start shining a bright light on the corruption and incestuous relationships that exist between government, politicians, the tribes and any other questionable business relationships between them and others.

We frequently have heard the term DARK MONEY, but let us instead call it what is really is: LAUNDERED MONEY, that simply moves around from one pocket to another.

We are no longer willing to call the folks that pedal this destruction useful idiots.  They need to be exposed for their role in destroying the livelihoods, wealth and lives of many for the benefit of the elite they consider themselves to be.

Help us put that puzzle together so we can show President Trump that Daines, Tester and Gianforte are firmly entrenched in the swamp he is working so hard to drain. 

Let us help our President understand that the time has come to consider a complete reform and overhaul of Federal Indian Policy, especially in light of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Indian Citizenship Act in 2024.

Oh and don’t forget, Montana and Steve Bullock are also part of this incestuous mess, and that also needs to be exposed.

Please contact us confidentially with your leads and information through the CONTACT page of this blog. We are looking only for information and documents from credible sources, that can be researched and documented.

Thanks in advance for your help and assistance.