Off Reservation Cognitive Dissonance

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During the summer of 1979, Congress held field hearings throughout Montana, in response to a series of lawsuits filed by the United States on behalf of the tribes and for other federal reserved water rights throughout the state.

The western Montana lawsuit, was United States v. Abell, No. CIV-79-33-M (filed April 5, 1979). The Abell lawsuit consisted of federal reserved water claims for the following entities:

    • Flathead Reservation / CSKT and Allottees
    • FIPP (Indian and Non-Indian ) Irrigation and Power, Reservoir Sites
    • Bison Range
    • Glacier National Park
    • Flathead Nat’l Forest
    • Reclamation Projects – Hungry Horse Dam and Reservoir
    • Lolo Nat’l Forest
    • Various Power Site Reserves and projects incl Kerr, and Tribal owned
    • Ninepipe Nat’l Wildlife Refuge
    • Pablo Wildlife Refuge
    • Creston Nat’l Fish Hachery
    • Lion Lake for Irrigation
    • Kalispell Air Force Station
    • Swan River Nat’l Wildlife Refuge
    • Various Post Offices

We have acquired copies of all of the lawsuits filed by the United States, and would like to note that in the Abell lawsuit, the feds filed NO CLAIMS EAST OF THE CONTINENTAL DIVIDE for the FLATHEAD RESERVATION / CSKT. 

We would also like to note that NO CLAIMS FOR THE FLATHEAD RESERVATION / CSKT were filed in any of the several other suits that were filed by the feds throughout the rest of the state.

The historic record shows that 250 defendants throughout western Montana were named in the Abell lawsuit.  The testimony of federal attorneys at the time indicated that another 1,200 people could possibly be named.

The lawsuits had their intended effect, and people throughout the state were angry and frightened.  Many found it necessary to hire attorneys at the time.

It would seem that even in 1979, it wasn’t beyond federal agencies and attorneys to use litigation as  a fear tactic to garner leverage for federal overreach concerning the water and property rights of citizens  throughout Montana.

But unlike the Daines push to cram his water compact down the throats of his Montana constituents in 2020, Congress actually went through the trouble of holding a field hearing in Ronan Montana on August 31, 1979.

Note:  We will include a link to the entirety of the hearing at the bottom of this post, but want to share with you an excerpt from it.

Statement of E.W. “Вill” Morigeau, Vice-Chairman of Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes before Senator Melcher on the Department of Justice Water Suits Against Montana and some water Users.

Mr. Chairman:

It is а pleasure to appear here today. I have three water related areas that I will advance my views on.

Each area is either related to Montana Senate 76 Water Right Bill, or the Justice Department Water Rights Suits.  I have been reading the papers about the thousands of water users that will have to appear and defend their water rights.

This Department of Justice law suit is а complaint that (Nо. 1) will, protect Indian water rights and (Nо. 2) will also protect federal reserved water rights.

The way the complaint is written it is mighty confusing, as after examining the complaint filed in April, I find there are only six water users within the entire Flathead Reservation named as defendants, using tribal water without а water right.  The other 243 named in the suit are from the Columbia Falls area, Kalispell area, Whitefish, Bigfork, Swan Lake area, etc., which are using federal reserved water without a federal water right. 

I would like to set the record straight.  The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Council has never claimed water or water rights outside of the border of the reservation. 

Federal reserved water rights in the complaint are identified as water for United States Post Offices, Federal Fish Hatcheries, U.S. Wildlife Reserves, Glacier Park, National Bison Range, two national forests and congressional appropriated water in Irrigation Projects to use the surface and ground water of the Flathead River Basin and recognizing the reserved and appropriated water rights ot the United States.

Four of the nine water users within the reservation named in the complaint were there by error and have been notified of such, leaving six and including the state of Montana.

The state of Montana is named as a defendant because of the passage of Senate Bill 76.  In my opinion, no individual should have been named in this law suit, only the state of Montana should have been named as the defendant.

The Tribe’s portion of the complaint within the Reservation does not involve over five individuals, including the state of Montana.  The Department of Justice acting as trustee, is asking that tribal members and the tribes has the right to use the water flowing through our under the Reservation in an amount sufficient to provide a homeland for the tribal members and to meet the present and future needs of their members.

Read the rest of Mr. Morigeau’s statement and testimony here.

What a Difference Forty Years Makes

In 1979 tribal leadership:  I would like to set the record straight.  The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Council has never claimed water or water rights outside of the border of the reservation.

In 2015: Montana agrees to give the tribe time immemorial claims to vast amounts of off reservation water throughout western Montana.

In 2016: The CSKT and United States file 10,000 time immemorial claims to water covering 2/3 of the state, which also includes all of the aquifer water that exists below the reservation.

In 2020:   The Daines Compact proposes to allow the tribes to keep all of the water in western Montana as per SB262, and using sleight of hand language will allow the 10,000 claims to be dismissed “without prejudice”,  establishing a pathway for future federal and tribal litigation over water uses and property rights over 2/3 of the state of Montana.

Cognitive Dissonance is defined as “a state of conflict occurring when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information. Dissonance theory holds that the conflict produces feelings of discomfort which the individual seeks to relieve by reconciling the differences, by convincing himself they do not exist, or by adopting some other type of defensive maneuver.

So exactly how does Senator Daines reconcile any cognitive dissonance with respect to the tribe and US positions in 1979, with his 2020 federal / CSKT land and water grab legislation?

By all appearances, Daines feels no “discomfort” when confronted with the facts about his legislation, or the objections of his constituents to it.

Perhaps this is because in his “infinite knowledge and wisdom on all things Indian”, our ridiculous excuse of a “Senator” prefers to pretend that the history of the reservation, and its inconvenient opening and diminishment per the terms of the treaty, simply “never happened.”

Melcher Statement / US Senate Notice of Public Water Rights Hearings

Full document Congressional Hearings Montana Water Rights, Ronan Montana 1979



Klamath ‘takings’ case filed with U.S. Supreme Court

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For those of you who have been fighting this battle for the past several years, it is likely that the names and faces of the compact commission members and its support staff that “negotiated” the Flathead Water Compact are burned into your memory.

Well imagine our surprise to see one of those names come up again in an article about the Klamath Falls takings case published in the the Capital Press on 03/13/2020:

Jay Weiner, special water counsel for the Klamath Tribes, said the Klamath Tribes are confident in the decisions reached by the district and appeals court.

Weiner is based out of Rosette Law Firm in Sacramento.

To see the whole article, visit this link:

Klamath ‘takings’ case filed with U.S. Supreme Court

Wonder which side Montana’s political class and deep state attorneys are rooting for?

Montana’s Uniparty

© 2020 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

We recently wrote about the strong likelihood that the feds preside over a money laundering scheme that wreaks havoc in our state via vast amounts of federal funds going to the federally recognized Indian tribes located in Montana.

This article discusses another outcome stemming from this serious problem.

County Name % Federal Land %  State Land % Tribal Land Total
Flathead 71.7 3.9 0.8 76.4
Granite 63.2 1.8 0.0 65.0
Lake 17.8 6.2 30.4 54.4
Lincoln 73.5 3.0 0.0 76.5
Mineral 82.3 8.1 0.0 90.4
Missoula 49.1 9.2 5.5 63.8
Powell 50.3 10.1 0.0 60.4
Sanders 52.2 3.7 16.5 72.4
Silver Bow 51.0 6.2 0.0 57.2
Ravalli 73.5 2.6 0.0 76.1
West of the Divide Total 60.6 5.4 4.6 70.6
East of the Divide 22.6 6.2 5.4 34.2
Montana Total 29.1 6 5.3 40.4

Source:  The information used to create this table is approx 4 years old.  It has since been removed from the state website.

It is a fact that because of the large percentage of federal lands located in Montana’s western counties, for the most part they are economically and financially disadvantaged.

But that didn’t stop Senator Daines from attempting to compound the problem by expanding tribal reach into those counties when he introduced his “Tribal Forestry Participation and Protection Act of 2016“.

In it, he proposed to allow tribes to manage forest lands under 638 self determination contracts by giving the Secretary of the Interior the following mandate authority on page 6 of its modest 12 pages:

The Steve Daines Native American Repatriation and Reparations Act

©2020 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

There is nothing honorable about the Steve Daines attempt to destroy Montana via an ‘Indian water settlement’, deceptively called the “Montana Water Rights Protection Act”. The Daines bill is not about federal reserved water rights, protecting Montana water rights, or about ‘solving a centuries-long problem”. Daines is building on the incompetence and failure of Steve Bullock and AG Tim Fox, who all looked the other way as Montana was defeated.

The CSKT Compact and the Daines disastrous and incompetent meddling is a leftover from the Obama regime.  Recall that none of our Congressionals nor our AG ever firmly went against Obama.  Remember that Steve Daines’  “bi partisanship” caused him to introduce a CSKT Compact forestry bill with democrat comb-lady Amy Klobuchar, now rumored to be Biden’s VP pick.

The Daines bill IS about repatriating the CSKT on lands they ceded and have been paid for, and reparations for some elusive “damages” that no one can read or study. Like it or not, the Daines bill shows the incompetence, arrogance, and destructive nature of our Congressional delegation and the CSKT.

What the Daines bill is about is:

  • Giving lands the Tribes ceded and were paid for back to the CSKT, despite federal prohibitions, Treaty provisions, history, the Indian Reorganization Act, the Indian Claims Commission, and law prohibiting this for the open Flathead Reservation, where everyone here is lawfully here.
  • Destroying the Flathead Irrigation and Power Project
  • redistributing the wealth of Montanans to the Tribal government, and
  • paying reparations to the CSKT for past “damages” that have already been compensated for.
  • destroying local government, the U.S. Constitution, and the Montana Constitution
  • Violating the civil rights of all Montanans

But look what else the Daines bill does:

  • Covers up waste, fraud, and abuse in a federal irrigation project, where the CSKT is unlawfully siphoning off the net power revenue the irrigators are entitled to by law
  • Covers up money laundering and payoffs between the BIA, the CSKT, Daines, Tester and likely many others including foreign governments who are profiting from their support of the CSKT
  • Destroys local government, the livelihood of thousands of people, the economic basis for the region.

We get the message loud and clear: Steve Daines, Jon Tester, Gianforte, Steve Bullock, AG Fox, and the CSKT hate Montanans.  They are too cowardly to show up at meetings, refuse to tell the truth, and refuse to talk with the people they are going to destroy.  All they want is their own power and money.  The Tribal Council and their attorneys only want revenge…they too do not care about their own people.







© 2020 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

How does one small tribe in western Montana wield so much power and fear over so many people?  How is it that they continue to advance a compact that will destroy agriculture in the era of President Trump?

For the past several years our main focus has been on the Flathead Water Compact, but Senator Daines’ recent support of it brings so much more than water into focus.  The CSKT Compact is just one aspect of the incestuous relationship that exists between federally “recognized” Indian tribes and our government.  It speaks to massive corruption through all of the federal money and companion legislation that feeds and empowers  the beast.

Have you considered the possibility that the Ukraine foreign aid scandal could be just one of many similar money laundering schemes used by the U.S. political class and deep staters to maintain power and control over others?

The Ukraine scandal speaks to how the U.S. elites control and influence foreign governments around the world.  Vast amounts of “foreign aid” money are sent out for laundering, only to return back to the United States to benefit politicians, their families and friends, deep staters and political hacks like George Soros.

It’s no wonder nothing ever changes in D.C.

That makes us wonder what the feds could do to replicate that same “success” throughout 50 individual states and U.S. Territories?   What if a similar laundering scheme is going on right under our state of Montana noses?

Just like the United States and CSKT’s claims to vast amounts of water throughout Montana have literally gone unscrutinized, no one has really followed the money and the big business connections that have coalesced or developed around the CSKT or any of the other federally recognized tribes.  Any research done on this subject has been piecemeal, but no one has cohesively put the pieces of the puzzle together.

A few years back we began to scrutinize the money that feeds Montana tribes and a lot of painstaking work went into developing this booklet:


Our poor little CSKT tribal government has at least 15 sub-corporations that SUCK a combined average of $250 million out of the federal treasury each year.  These figures are just a small piece of the puzzle and don’t even begin to encompass the entirety of the tribe’s monetary connections and wealth.  But it does raise some good questions.

Realistically speaking, how is it that this tribe has the wherewithal to manage massive aerospace contracts when they have shown their difficulty and some would argue have had significant failures while managing Kerr Dam and the Natonal Bison Range?

Is it possible that the aerospace money merely flows through the tribes in order to give some kind of preferential treatment to, or to hide the identity of the entity that ultimately handles the contract? Or perhaps this approach helps circumvent certain laws when tribes are inserted into the mix.  If that’s the case, who are those entities, what laws are compromised, and what kind of cut does the tribe receive for this kind of pass through money?  Why is there a tribal “middle man” at all?

The “Media”  is too biased and lazy to ask questions about the tribe’s business dealings or their untold wealth that never seems to benefit individual tribal members.  There is no need to do any investigative reporting when government talking points and propaganda passing for “news” is a far easier way to butter media bread.

For years we’ve heard that the CSKT have massive amounts of money held in offshore accounts. We know they have businesses located in many states and in other countries, but does anyone have evidence of the existence of such bank accounts?  Is this  simply a rumor or is there any truth to it? But if not that, what does the tribe do with all of its money besides wreaking havoc on the water and property rights of “non-members,” and destabilizing state and local governments?  It sure isn’t flowing down to their membership.

In his desire to enrich CSKT Inc. further, Daines’ S3019 proposes to give them $1.9 billion in addition to our priceless National Bison Range, land swaps, and the lion’s share if not all of the water in western Montana.  To give the Daines”settlement” some context, the entirety of the BIA budget for 2019 was $2.5 billion, and included payroll for 6,873 employees!  (Source: the Interior Budget in Brief page 7 of 13)

S3014, sponsored by Daines in 2016 but never ratified, is one more example of how government largesse is heaped upon tribes through bad legislation.  We’d like to say it was ill conceived, but in hindsight believe it is the deep state’s way of ensuring that federal lands never go back to the states, by putting tribal claws in them. This isn’t anything new.  Language written into Tester’s S.3013 and the tribe’s 10,000 claims were also designed to serve the same purpose.

Are Daines and Tester ignorant, or complicit?  Perhaps their proposed transfer of the Bison Range to the CSKT helps answers that question for us.

Bonneville Power land purchases are yet one more way to transfer wealth from the people to the Tribes, while at the same time undermining the local property tax base and governance.  It also gives the US / CSKT ownership of the lands along our waterways, both on and off the reservation, entrenching federal and (just wait) tribal jurisdiction over them.

Mercury LLC, associated with former representative Denny Rehberg and other unsavory Montanans, has a business connection with the Tribe to promote the Flathead Compact.  It is also a known lobbyist for Ukraine and is implicated in court documents in the Russia / Ukraine scandal.  Is that coincidence, or are there monetary or other connections here that should be investigated?

There should be no compact with the tribes until a forensic audit of the Flathead Irrigation Project is completed.  A strong case can be made that massive amounts of net power revenue from Mission Valley Power have illegally been used by the BIA / tribe over the past 35 years for non-Irrigation purposes.  If true, this is the reason why the project is in serious disrepair, and explains the greatly increased per acre annual cost to irrigators for their water.

Irrigators deserve to know what has been happening with irrigation project money, and what roles the BIA / CSKT have played in the depletion of project monies and resources.  BEFORE THEIR WATER IS TAKEN AWAY IN THE DAINES’ COMPACT.

Federal tribal “self-determination” amendment legislation also provides huge opportunities to expand tribal reach and influence into government agencies, and is used to undermine the rule of law, rewrite history, and reeks of corporate and political cronyism.  We need to understand the erosion of equal protection under the law that has been diminished under the guise of tribal self-determination scams and 638 contracts.

Let us be clear:  There is nothing self-determined about free government money that is used to destroy anything in its path.


We thank Senator Daines for helping us expand our focus, and we would like to put the call out to people get out the DISINFECTANT and start shining a bright light on the corruption and incestuous relationships that exist between government, politicians, the tribes and any other questionable business relationships between them and others.

We frequently have heard the term DARK MONEY, but let us instead call it what is really is: LAUNDERED MONEY, that simply moves around from one pocket to another.

We are no longer willing to call the folks that pedal this destruction useful idiots.  They need to be exposed for their role in destroying the livelihoods, wealth and lives of many for the benefit of the elite they consider themselves to be.

Help us put that puzzle together so we can show President Trump that Daines, Tester and Gianforte are firmly entrenched in the swamp he is working so hard to drain. 

Let us help our President understand that the time has come to consider a complete reform and overhaul of Federal Indian Policy, especially in light of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Indian Citizenship Act in 2024.

Oh and don’t forget, Montana and Steve Bullock are also part of this incestuous mess, and that also needs to be exposed.

Please contact us confidentially with your leads and information through the CONTACT page of this blog. We are looking only for information and documents from credible sources, that can be researched and documented.

Thanks in advance for your help and assistance.







The Price of Representation

© 2020 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

As the reality that our “gentlemen from Montana” are working overtime to fulfill the repatriation goals of tribe’s mission statement becomes clearer, we can’t help but wonder: What exactly is the price of representation in 2020?

Here is a VERY SMALL snapshot of Senator Daines $6.6 million war chest:

Steve Daines for Montana
Tribal Contributions 03/07/2020
Contributor ST YTD Aggre-gate
Tribe, Pechanga Band Of Lui CA $5,400
Indians, Puyallup Tribe Of WA $3,000
Of Grand Ronde, Confederated Tribes OR $1,100
Of Grand Ronde, Confederated Tribes OR $1,100
Mdewakanton Sioux Community, Shakopee MN $6,700
Indians, Puyallup Tribe Of WA $3,000
Indians, Morongo Band Of Mission CA $1,000
Tr, Black Hawk Financial SD $1,000
Indians, Puyallup Tribe Of WA $2,000
Chickasaw Nation, Tribe OK $1,000
Mdewakanton Sioux Community, Shakopee MN $6,700
Tribe, Cow Creek Bank Of Um OR $1,500
Mdewakanton Sioux Community, Shakopee MN $2,500
Chickasaw Nation, Tribe OK $2,800
Of Mission Indians, Santa Ynez Band CA $2,000
Tribe, Shingle Springs Bank CA $2,000
Tribe, Pechanga Band Of Lui CA $5,400
Tribe, Mashantucket Pequot CT $2,800
Indians, Match-E-Be-Nash-She- Band Of Pottawatomi MI $2,800
Creek Indians, Poarch Band Of AL $2,800
Operations, Tribal MI $2,800
Tribe, Oneida Nation NY $5,600
Tribe, Yocha Dehe Wintun Na CA $2,800
Tribe, Oneida Nation NY $5,600
Tribe, Gva Holdings MT $5,600
Tr, Arrowhead Advance Wl SD $2,800
Tribe, Gva Holdings MT $5,600
Nation, Tribes Of The Flathead MT $1,000
Nation Tribe, Chicksaw OK $2,500
Total $97600

Would a mere $1,000 like the CSKT supposedly gave Daines this past year be enough to move him to represent the people of Lake County, or is there something more than money alone that must happen to become part of their good old boys club?

Exactly what is the going price for Senator Daines ear? How many lobbyists must a citizen hire before their voice can be heard?

What is the price tag for something more than an uninformed, arrogant form letter in response to a phone call or letter to the Senator?

What would it cost for Daines to sponsor legislation, say a Protection of Homesteader Property Rights Act, or an All Citizens are Equal Act?

What would it take to get the Senator to actually read SB262, and then consider the People’s Compact, a fair and equitable settlement for the benefit of everyone?

What would Daines charge for legislation to reform federal Indian Policy for the 21st Century, instead of advancing his phony and destructive Montana Water Rights “Protection” Act?

Just wondering.

In the political world, it seems that a different equation applies for mere taxpaying citizens of the state, and it can only be measured by taking an honest look at THE COST OF HAVING NO REPRESENTATION.

After all, there has been no demonstrable representation of western Montanans by the Montana compact commission during so called negotiations, the legislature during the ratification process (Dan Salomon or Greg Hertz anyone?), or even our democrat governor who knows exactly how to make mincemeat out of our RINO “republican” legislature.

The state apparatus has been turned into little more than an arm of the federal government and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.  One only needs to pay attention to all of the U.S. Government license plates traveling the roads throughout western Montana to see that the feds have taken over our home.

And to add insult to injury, our U.S. representatives are even more despicable than the state representatives and senators who gave us this monstrosity.

So what exactly is the cost of no representation of western Montana?

  • S.3019 and SB 262
  • The transfer of our public lands to a tribal corporation
  • The destruction of agriculture and the diminishment of property values throughout western Montana
  • Federal and Tribal control over future development and the local economy through our water
  • Federal / Tribal ownership of our water, and jurisdiction over it with no legal ramifications for damages for harm caused by their decisions
  • Ongoing and increased taxation for non-Indians that is used to support a tribal corporation that is exempt from taxation
  • State, federal and tribal immunity from any takings or diminishment of the property rights of taxpaying Montana citizens
  • State and Federal abandonment of the constitutional rights and protections of 30,000 – 120,000 state citizens, including tribal members
  • Ethnic Corporate cleansing in the form of removing non –Indian CSKT Inc. members from their homes in western Montana

And that’s just one piece of legislation.  Anyone want to say “UNCLE”?

Sadly the tribal donations noted above are very likely just the tip of the iceberg. No one really believes  these are the REAL numbers.  We instinctively know the system is designed to lack transparency with the multitude of special interest PAC’s and “tribal” exemptions from the so called rules, making it impossible to  know exactly how much the gentlemen from Montana have benefited from these tribes and others.

Setting aside the money laundering schemes that benefit the politicians and their cronies, the equation is actually quite simple:

Senators Daines and Tester, and Representative Greg Gianforte might need our vote, but they sure don’t need our money.

They are more than happy to support legislation that will cause great harm to, and potentially destroy some constituents at the request of their “congressionally deemed” political elite who just happen to have the largest number of attorneys, lobbyists and “legislators” on staff.

Missoula Independent May 2012

“Pat Pierre, the elder, says that during the past 150 years, the tribes have gradually acquired new weapons for self-defense; today, for example, they have a cadre of attorneys and hydrologists negotiating on their behalf. They’ll use them to ensure that coming generations of Salish, Kootenai and Pend d’ Oreille can draw sustenance from the waterways as they always have, he says. “We use your weapons of war to fight back now.”

Has Senator Daines become just another one of the tribe’s 21st century weapons of war?


Lake County Commissioner Town Hall, March 11, 2020


The Lake County Commissioners will be hosting a Community Town Hall Meeting entitled, “Unpacking the Montana Water Rights Protection Act” on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. in the Ronan Community Center, 300 Third Ave NW, Ronan, Montana 59864.

The Commissioners will present a summary of the 65 page Act and provide details as to how some of the provisions of the Act will negatively impact Lake County and its residents. 


S.3019 text in PDF Format

The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, as well as Senators Daines and Tester have been allotted time to present their reasons for supporting passage of the Act by Congress.


Lest We Forget……….

© 2020 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

Here are some of the high profile faces of the Montana and Federal swamp creatures that conspired to bring us the CSKT / Daines Compact.  The chart below is a little dated, however it is a good reminder of the legislative fraud that was committed to ratify SB262 in 2015, and the federal corruption that has picked up that ball and is currently running with it.

It is no surprise that some of the people on the chart are actively vying for some of the highest elected positions in the state.

We can’t help but wonder whether Senator Daines understands the conflicts associated with passing legislation that funds the CSKT and then benefiting from that money through the tribe’s Mercury LLC  “business relationship” and the push for his tribally written and approved legislation.

Your suggestions for improvements / additions for the upcoming 2020 version of this chart would be greatly appreciated.

Note:  the swamp in Montana is very large.  This document was designed to be printed on both sides of an 8 1/2 x 14 legal sized paper.  Enjoy and please share far and wide.

The Emerging Daines Disaster

©2020 DrKate

As it turns out, everything that Senator Daines put in his “Fake News” press release IS Fake News itself:

  • The Tribes gave up 97% of their off-reservation claims–no, they didn’t.  They kept them all, including the 10,000 claims, but will “convey” co-ownership of their water to the State of Montana. (Source:  Tribal Council Minutes January 2020)
  • The Daines bill protects Montana water rights–no, it doesn’t.  It protects only the federal government’s claim to water over 2/3 of the state of Montana, using an Indian Water Settlement as cover
  • Transfer of the Bison Range to the CSKT will not create west-wide precedent for the transfer of other national treasures to tribes–wrong, it will. The Senator’s plan includes a statement that “the transfer will not create any precedent”…are you kidding me? Of course it will, and a simple statement is just that, simple.
  • The Flathead Irrigation Project is an Indian irrigation project–incorrect again; the Flathead Irrigation and Power Project (FIPP) was authorized in 1908 to serve everyone regardless of land status. In 1920, the land ownership in the FIPP was 80% non-Indian (settler) and 20% Indian. Present ownership is not that different–90% non-Indian and 10% Indian. Currently the BIA is mismanaging the project revenues, which are earmarked for irrigation purposes, and is committing waste fraud and abuse with federal and private dollars.  Senator Daines is ignoring these, thereby supporting waste, fraud and abuse in a federal irrigation project.
  • $1.9 billion dollars in “damages” is owed to the CSKT by the United States. Incorrect again, and the Senator foolishly includes a BIA/Tribal ” damage report” which he has not read nor does he understand.

Note:  If these are indeed ‘damages’ of the United States, then the proper formula for delivering those damages is 80% distributed per capita to tribal members, and 20% goes to the Tribal government.  The Daines plan has it all going to the Tribal Council with no oversight, but “tribal members can apply for the funds”.  R. I. G. H. T.

  • The Daines bill is an agreement between the United States and the Tribes, with Montana having no say.  Sorry, king Senator Daines, you don’t have the authority to negotiate away Montana’s water rights just with the Tribes.  And, you have no authority to do anything without Montana’s review because you include SB 262 as part of your bill.

There is no doubt that the Daines-Tester CSKT Compact is a disaster for Montana.  The mode of convincing people–endless propaganda, mistruths, outright lies—and the rush to pass this horrible bill is all the information you need to know it cannot be supported.

At this point there is realistically no difference between Steve Daines and Jon Tester–both of them are captured by and afraid  of the Tribes, needy for their money, and do not want to be called ‘racist’ for standing up for all Montana citizens.  For these things, both Senators are willing to give up on their constituents for their own craven political purposes including the lust for power. Who this potentially could hurt is President Trump and his republican majority in the Senate.  Does Daines want to risk that?

Let’s add Tim Fox and Greg Gianforte to this list of the “uniparty”.  They have all demonstrated they just don’t care about Montana citizens, and they are willing to shade the truth to accomplish their very narrow goals for themselves.

Keep writing to the White House, let the President know that Senator Daines is using him for cover to support the theft of water in Montana.

The next clear action you can do is not to vote for any of these politicians in the primary on June 2.  Let’s see how many votes the democrats receive during their primary for Senate vs. Senator Daines. Interesting times ahead!

Let’s remember as well that the Senator was given a plan to work with, called the People’s Compact.  He tossed it out the window, just like his constituents.

Steve Daines will be an easy pick-off if Steve Bullock enters the Senate race.  It will not be a loss for Montana–at least we know where Bullock is coming from.  When the Senator stabbed his constituents in the back with a smile on his face, he lost all credibility.  Daines has lost his mantle and authority to govern and to represent the Great State of Montana.

Time to take our government back!

Daines Bill Hurts Farmers, Ranchers, and the Future

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Once again, CSKT Compact promoter Cory Swanson, Broadwater County Attorney, weighs in with misleading statements about the Daines-Tester CSKT Compact.  Just because the Senator calls it the “Montana Water Rights Protection Act” doesn’t mean it protects water rights.  Ask the 2,500 families who lose their water rights as a result of the Daines-Tester joint venture against property rights in Montana in the name of “Indian water settlements”.  Ask the citizens of Montana who now are “given” co-ownership of their water with the Tribes.  Ask future Montanans why they won’t be able to develop water because of the CSKT Compact.

The Daines-Tester bill retains the Compact’s “Law of Administration”, which effectively removes the state of Montana from managing even its own state law-based water rights.  It also removes the constitutional protections of Montana citizens, but keeps the taxation going.  The Daines bill insertion of state courts to “solve” the  jurisdiction issue, without removing the Compact’s “law of administration” is simply a political trick to try to sway the uninformed. It is reflective of a political solution that has no basis in law, and worse than that, no humanity—the Daines CSKT Compact is about “winners and losers”.

Now Daines, Gianforte, their minions, and the usual compact proponents are once again threatening Montanans with how much litigation there will be if the compact is not passed by Congress. They are parrots, repeating only what they have heard. Why don’t they tell us that there will be an equal amount of litigation, if not more, if the thing IS passed by Congress? Don’t believe it? Fine, you’ll see.

We need  public servants who tell the truth. It used to be that only democrats misnamed bills to hide their true intention.  Now we have republicans doing it too.  Swanson, Fox, Daines, and Gianforte played politics with Montanan’s lives, water, and property rights, and deserve no quarter for misleading the public.

This is a critical time for Montana.  If Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte can pull this over Montana, then its a good indication that tyranny will be a lot easier for them to impose.

Don’t forget–they are undermining President Trump.