2 thoughts on “CONTACT”

  1. The catchy phrase “rights immemorial” deeply embedded in this ill-conceived and dishonorable document, implies no memory of any such “rights”, AND that they were never “memorialized”, in the strict LEGAL sense under which we all MUST operate today.

    Hence, “rights immemorial” is an oxymoron, and is just another leftist “sound-good” slogan. It has no basis in reality, other than the “other reality” in which all leftists grovel.

    If there are “rights” [memorialized or not] – as WE know them [ie from nature’s god – Declaration of Independence] – AND as defined from English “common law” from which ALL OUR LAW relating to water and land and property derived – then those rights do not belong to a “select” group of people [CSKT], but to ALL the people under whose jurisdiction ALL our rights are protected from ALL tyranny.

    Federal Indian as well as Montana agents are scamming us now, just as Federales scammed Indians in the 19th century with one dishonored treaty after another, broken with the memorial that the FEDERAL government of the United States MURDERED their women, children and brave men, shot and killed, their bodies trampled under FEDERAL troopers’ horses.

    We will not be fooled. There is no such thing as a “right immemorial”. ALL rights have memory. And all rights have been “memorialized” by being codified.

    This CSKT-Federal-Montana “water compact” with the various counties, and as conflicting as they are (ie, inconsistent law), is utter bull crap, and the tribes know it, we know, Bullock knows it, and the Feds know it.

    Jim Greaves
    Thompson Falls MT

  2. Montana 3-7-77 said:

    Water is Life. The Fed’s know this. They know they can’t get their Agenda 21 BS in place unless they control the freedom loving Westerners. This compact is the camel nose under the tent to control us and push through the rest of the socialist agenda. Don’t go along the program (?)… make to much protest about current communistic policies (?).. Fine ! We’ll just turn off the meter (put a lockout on it) to your water well ! Or raise the rates SO HIGH you HAVE to MOVE into a high density, compact Agenda 21 city with “cheap” city water (With LOTS of Fluoride and other mind numbing chemicals–for your own good, of course).

    I think you see where this leads.

    In Montana there is a saying…. “Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up”

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