Save Western Montana from a Federal Water Grab!

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The Montana Land and Water Alliance P.O. Box 1061, Polson, MT 59860

Preserving property rights are critical to the prosperity of farmers, ranchers, business owners, and rural communities whose lives, livelihood, and general well-being depends upon the ability to utilize their lands and to access water they have rights to for the purpose of their own choosing, not to satisfy the agenda of others whose actions would serve to limit those rights.

Our mission is to preserve and protect all rights and benefits associated with the ownership of property in the state of Montana. We exist to advocate for, protect and defend all aspects of property ownership.

We are immediately facing a threat to western Montana by the federal government’s aggressive take-over of millions of acres of land and millions of acre feet of water under the guise of an Indian water rights settlement.

We support the right of all Tribes to their water rights but reject the federal government’s masked objective of illegally expanding the federal reserved rights doctrine, claiming massive water rights reaching far beyond the reservation boundary, and claiming most of the water in western Montana for the federal government.

Your contribution to our efforts will help grow a west-wide citizen oriented groundswell to repel the increasingly aggressive actions of federal and state governments to take water and eliminate the human presence on the west’s most productive agricultural, timber, mining, and open landscapes.

Any contribution of any amount is welcome and will be put to good use!

How Will Your Contribution Help?

All over the western United States, federal and state agencies seek additional control over land use and private property through zoning, environmental regulations, and the Endangered Species Act. Your contribution will help stem that assault here in Montana and across the west, and help to defend rural economies.

Our efforts to stem the assault on land and water successfully reached over 50,000 people last year through our educational materials, video products, public workshops, and newspaper articles. Your contribution will help us to continue and advance this effort and reach all Montanans.

Your contribution will send a message to federal and state regulators: the American people have had enough of needless and lawless actions to take away or restrict the use and enjoyment of private property and access to water. The people of America know how to manage their lands, protect them for future generations, and preserve the environment without the interference of any government.

Risks & Challenges

The risks we face as citizens is that our state government and legislature will not follow the law or abide by its citizens wishes, thereby necessitating a legal challenges. Like our Congress and in many states our legislature is filled with politicians, not statesmen.

We also face the very real risk that the United States will turn on the citizens of Montana and will join the lawsuit against citizens aimed at eliminating history, land patents, and water rights. This will require the strongest of responses as David once again faces Goliath.

We intend to do whatever we can to protect our land and water rights, families, our state, and future generations of Montanans.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to contribute financially, you can help us enormously in other ways:

  • Please get the word out and make some noise about our Land and Water campaign!
  • Please visit our blog site Western Montana Water Rights and share it with your friends!
  • Find out about the proposed water settlement, western water law, the Indian Claims Commission and federal water rights by reviewing the documents at this link
  • Keep an eye out on similar efforts to defend property rights in your state and let us know!
  • Share our video and use the Indiegogo share tools to spread the word!

Mail Contributions to:

Montana Land and Water Alliance, Inc.
P.O. Box 1061
Polson, MT 59865

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Thank You!


2 thoughts on “MLWA”

  1. My heart goes out to all Indian Nations. History has proven that from the very beginning, the Federal Government could not be trusted to uphold their end of many if not all of the hundreds of treaties that were made with the tribal nations.

    As the time went by, and each of these nations either surrendered or were conquered, there were many leaders in this newly created Christian Nation, who felt the compassion for the plight of the conquered Indian Nations, and thus began our tribute.

    Many if not most of these tribes were allowed to continue to be separate nations living in the nation that had conquered them. They were paid tribute for their losses from the treasury of the nation that conquered them. In some instances they were allowed to continue in their customs, languages, dress and other valuable traits that once suited an honorable people.

    Unfortunately, there were also leaders within the Indian Nations that found a way to side tract some of these tributes. Likewise, there leaders in the Federal Government who not only broke some of the treaties, they moved entire Indian Nations to areas totally unfamiliar and unfit to impossible to survive in.

    How did all of this happen? It happened when politicians promised things then, just as they promise things today. We all have become victims of evil men and women who have “bought” their way into so-called public service, by filling out-stretched palms with pennies, while they gloried in holding out their outstretched hands to collect sometimes millions of dollars while in the public service of their country.

    Many of us have come from conquered nations of the world. My family comes from Ireland and Germany. We too suffered discrimination and humiliation and poverty. As far as I can look back, none of us every received a dime of tribute.

    What I heard this last Saturday on October 15th, 2014, was a lot of belly aching by Indian Leaders of how much more the white conquerors still owed them. I heard how racist we are to stand in the way of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission and the United States. I heard how our claim on our water rights is just another attack on Indian Nations all over again. I heard how we should just shake hands and continue to give tribute by paying our taxes to hire the Indians to manage our States Water rights under the direction of the Federal Government.

    The Federal Government is not going to magically change its proven ways. If they are allowed to become the Chief Executive Officer over those water rights, they will have the power to continue in their agenda of eventually removing citizens out of some counties in the corridor that extends down to the Mexican border.

    Where will this leave the Indian Nations? Have the Fed’ ever honored any treaties in the past? Does anyone really think that Indian Nations will retain management over such a valuable commodity such as all of the water rights in Western Montana?

    Here is another thought. The Tribal Nations are separate from this nation and are being considered to be given management rights over a large part of Western Montana. All of the citizens of this state are subject to and pay the taxes to the State of Montana and to the Federal Government. Is that even legal for one nation to hire another nation to manage the affais fo one of the states of that nation? I think not!

    And finally… at the same time the Federal Government is attempting to over reach its authority over the private and public waters in Western Montana, they balk at releasing the management of the forests to our state, as was originally promised to all states.

    So… how does a separate group of Indian Nations develop the management skills to manage all of our very valuable water rights, by continuing to use our taxes as additional tribute? I might add that Water Rights are much more valuable than a bunch of trees, yet many tree huggers are using the argument that the State of Montana does not have the skill to manage a bunch of trees, in spite of the failure of the Federal Government to manage these same bunch of trees.

    There are tons of arguments pro and con about water rights and management rights over the forest. The thing that you have to look at is who has their hands out for more tribute and who is offering their hands to properly mange the forest, bring back lumber jobs, bring safe mining jobs, open roads that have been closed, and want to continue managing their own valuable water rights.

    I am sick of paying tribute for something that started with Leif Ericson and some guy who sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Does anyone know of any other conquered nations who have had a free ride for so long and still have so little to show for it? Many of these conquered nations have only themselves to blame for electing corrupt tribal leaders, and allowing white man’s education values to indoctrinate them to learn what to think and not how to think as they once did.

    I am sure that the Indian Nation Leaders have filled the heads of its members with dreams of all of the “booty” that may fall into their laps if they win a law suit pursuing this laughable change in their treaty. Sure, many will put their hands out for more tribute!

    Can’t we all just be friends and… pay our own way?

    Les Wood

  2. Nice to see that not everyone’s drinking the Kool-aid….. It really doesn’t take much to see the forest beyond the trees. The problem: stopping this train that’s jumped the tracks before it plows through our lives leaving nothing but a path of destruction for all.

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